Add Cost-Effective Auto Insurance to a Winter Tire Investment with Toronto-Based Cornerstone Insurance Brokers

Toronto auto insurance experts, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers are helping thousands of Canadian vehicle owners reduce their winter insurance payments.

Woodbridge, Canada, January 29, 2015 --( The company is now offering affordable rates to help owners protect their vehicle on the icy Canadian roads. For those who have recently made an investment in winter tires, it’s the ideal service to assure long-term asset value.

There are millions of auto accidents on Ontario’s roads each winter season. Ranging from simple bumper scrapes to head-on collisions; these accidents can cause significant damage to vehicles, leaving vehicle owners to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for repair work. And now many Canadians are reviewing their current insurance coverage options to locate specialists who will offer low rates to both inexperienced and experienced drivers. Cornerstone Insurance Brokers is a leader for cost effective coverage within the auto insurance field in Ontario.

The team at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers understands the challenges Canadians face each time they drive on winter roads. That’s why they offer comprehensive policies that provide an effective coverage response to these driving challenges. One of the leading advantages of Cornerstone Insurance Brokers’ service is its flexibility. For example, the Toronto company offers affordable auto insurance plans designed to protect two or more vehicles under the same policy. For families looking to consolidate expenditure this winter, it’s the ideal insurance service.

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers also works with drivers over 50 to provide them with the cost-effective insurance rates someone with their driving experience deserves. This comprehensive service is founded upon transparency and clear communication. It’s a service that begins with a consultation with the client and involves the company’s industry experts utilizing their full network to find clients the best value for money available within the current marketplace.

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers is now offering free no-obligation quotes on auto insurance to clients across the region. To learn more, contact their offices directly today at 1.888.768.8001 or visit their business website directly at
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Nikolai Williams