ChartaCloud and Word-Tech Provide a Unified Platform for Bridging the Paper and Digital Worlds

ChartaCloud announces their selection of Word-Tech’s DocMinder and DocMinder Dashboard for document-driven task and project management and regulatory compliance used with ChartaCloud’s cloud-based digital document capture, storage, and management services.

Exeter, NH, January 29, 2015 --( ChartaCloud Technologies LLC (“ChartaCloud”) today announced its relationship with Word-Tech, Inc. (“Word-Tech”). ChartaCloud will be a value-added re-seller and solution development partner of Word-Tech’s DocMinder software. ChartaCloud’s mission is to be the bridge between the paper and the digital worlds. With this announcement businesses and organizations have access to a unified solution for document driven task management system that lowers risks and operational costs.

Through this partnership, ChartaCloud and DocMinder offers businesses the ability to centrally manage and further ensure that the right tasks are getting done on time. Business gain real time visibility into the current status of task and project completion. Legal matter management, contract management, human resources on-boarding, regulatory compliance, service delivery, remote worker project management, and invoice processing are just a few of the use cases that can be dramatically improved.

The partnership provides seamless access to and management of the documents that drive assigned tasks that are managed via DocMinder which automates task assignment and task completion monitoring. The resulting benefits are lower exposure to risk, improved regulatory and legal compliance and increased staff productivity.

“ChartaCloud is all about delivering solutions that bridge the paper and digital worlds. We believe that DocMinder from Word-Tech provides the premier solution that can demonstrably advance the performance of teams and individuals. This is a unified solution that combines centralized real time management of task assignments and the execution of regulatory compliance projects with immediate access to the documents used to support those activities,” said Lauryn Schimmel, managing director of ChartaCloud.

“DocMinder provides a proven solution that significantly advances organizational performance and delivers real time visibility to task management right in the palm of a manager’s hand with their smartphone based DocMinder Dashboard. Even better, the DocMinder solution is utilized from within Microsoft Outlook® with just minutes of training. We know that the familiarity with Outlook® makes DocMinder automated task management easy to adopt,” she concluded.

“Word-Tech welcomes the opportunity to partner with ChartaCloud. The selection of DocMinder and the integration enabled with ChartaCloud’s cloud-based document management solutions provide the technology platform to achieve immediate and proven benefits for any company’s task and compliance management performance. The combination delivers a powerful advance in paper–driven business processes,” said Bruce Karlson, president, Word-Tech, Inc.

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ChartaCloud Technologies, headquartered in Kensington, New Hampshire, offers proven solutions that enable companies to effectively automate and streamline existing paper-based and document-driven business processes to compete in the age of digital documents. ChartaCloud’s mission is to provide solutions that bridge the paper and digital world to reduce expense, increase operational performance, and overall competiveness. With ChartaCloud solutions, companies benefit by leveraging existing paper-driven business, legal, and compliance processes while gaining the cost reduction, accessibility, security, and productivity-improving benefits of digital operations management. Visit ChartaCloud at

About Word-Tech, Inc.
Word-Tech’s DocMinder™ solution delivers a real-time platform that blends work management and collaboration, making day-to-day work easier, more transparent, and efficient for many Fortune 500 companies.

DocMinder™ provides a new approach to business processes automation. Gain visibility with pre-set follow-up notifications, advanced escalations, all correspondence in one location, real-time reporting, and more.

DocMinder™ helps organizations empower their knowledge workers by leveraging the combined power of collaboration, accountability, and visibility, making it possible for people to take ownership of their work by creating an environment that fosters productivity, motivation, and results.

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