James Gerdeman Writes "Red Shirt Equal Opportunity Play" for Historic Recall

Mr. Gerdeman wrote about Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. His play shows the impact on individuals, the Black Community, and Corporate America using a “typical” office setting. He shows the issues of the day as highlighted by demonstration and riots as part of Martin Luther King’s peaceful movement where the Black Community made history. Contact Gerdeman at his website or email to learn more about accessing the play.

Coral Springs, FL, January 29, 2015 --(PR.com)-- To help tell the story he uses the nightly news interwoven throughout the scenes of the play. Gerdeman believes we should account for what took place in the business world. He expects that High Schools and theater groups would have an entertaining program when they produce this play.

James Gerdeman has lived the change brought about by Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action. He managed this transition as a manager in Corporate America. He witnessed the actions of individuals and companies from vendors to customers. He shows the corporate changes needed during and after the riots of the 60’s. He was an Equal Opportunity Manager executing the new rules of the land. His book, “White on Black Veneer” is an historical perspective used as a basis for the play.

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About Author
James Gerdeman earned an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Dayton. He wrote Tea Party Steeps for a Stronger America to help uniformed voters. His book Jimmy, about boys growing up in the 50’s, has entertained many. Smoke Signals You Too Can Quit shows his diversity. His first book, Radio Frequency Identification Application 2000, was published by Research Triangle Associates. Jim has always supported technology for society. He has 14 books and three plays to his credit in a variety of topics. He is a speaker and likes to talk about his books, productivity and issues of the day. There is more information at www.JDGerdeman.com.

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Jim Gerdeman