CIO Review Rated SysTools as Company of the Year 2014

This release has been out to make users acquainted with an emerging company known for its dedicated contribution in the field of cyber-forensics.

Gothenburg, Sweden, January 30, 2015 --( As 2014 gets underway, CIOReview, a leading magazine in business and technology arena, announced in their special edition issue of December 2014, the list of top companies and consultants which is going to shape the upcoming year ahead. Among the honorees, SysTools software flagged a place for its phenomenal contribution in the field of advanced Digital Forensics and Data Recovery solutions.

Coming forward with a strong built on an extensive history of cracking up endpoint forensic investigations, SysTools software delivers industry oriented solutions to meet the demand of professionals from different fields to quickly extract data from various email clients during investigations. With expertise in a wide range of solutions, the organization’s specially engineered product MailXaminer has been put forth to unravel investigation cases efficiently. The product has earned special recognition among all other competitors for its high algorithmic techniques that assist forensic investigators by incorporating the use of fuzzy, stem, regular expressions, pre-defined and logical searches on a number of email messages and databases.

One of the very challenges which the forensic industry faces these days is to put forward probative evidence in the court of law. MailXaminer is one of those product which aims to bridge the gaps by making the data transformed into readable format that can easily resolve investigation cases.

Anuraag Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of Company had to say the following: “The rise in email usage has witnessed a direct increase in the complexities for criminal investigations conducted by forensic investigators. In order to ensure that the email data translates into forensically inculpable evidence, proper awareness, training is crucial for the cyber forensics industry."

CTO and CO-Founder of SysTools, proudly gave away the following statement about the technique: “Our technical team always strives to evolve high-performance oriented solutions for our customers. With the continuity of seven years of extendable service to user as we move on, we look forward to another successful year for providing our valuable customers with technologically more advanced solutions. We believe the recognition that our products have achieved all these years is an approbation of our sincere dedication and commitment in providing a solution that serves well different enterprises and agencies looking ahead for reliable solutions to make their work easy.”

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Nimisha Ramesh