Momma Lynn Management Announces "One Take: Pacific Northwest" Project Finishes Session #3 at London Bridge Studio in Seattle, Washington

Momma Lynn Management (MLM) announces "One Take: Pacific Northwest" Project has recently finished Session #3 at London Bridge Studio in Seattle, Washington.

Poulsbo, WA, January 31, 2015 --( Momma Lynn Management (MLM) announces their much anticipated “One Take: Pacific Northwest music compilation has finished the third of four planned recording sessions. Showcasing the incredible talent and vibrant music scene of the Pacific Northwest, the unique compilation features local area bands recording live at London Bridge Studio in Seattle, Washington. The sessions are also being filmed for a companion DVD showing the behind the scenes, “nuts and bolts” work involved in bringing music to the fans. MLM’s profits from the sales of CDs and DVDs will go to their sister charity organization Momma Lynn Community Services to pay for efforts to increase awareness of various important causes in the community. Both the CD and DVD have a 2015 planned release date.

So far, eleven local area bands have recorded songs. The open studio, live concept has proven itself to be extremely popular with the artists themselves. This unique approach has been met with much enthusiasm in the music community. “This is an unprecedented and historic event, being recorded in a place rich in musical history,” says MLM founder Michael Decker. “We are extremely proud of the team we have assembled and the artists who have contributed to this project.” MLM has also committed to supporting local area businesses. “We feel that it is extremely important to support the local business community. All of our CD and DVD replication along with our merchandising efforts are being created right here in the Great Pacific Northwest,” says Decker.

The response to the news has been incredibly positive and interest in the coming release continues to grow. MLM welcomes sponsors and supporters of the local music scene. More information including specific ways you can help and support can be found on both organization’s websites: and

Momma Lynn Management is a music management and consulting business primarily serving the Pacific Northwest. Providing unique, task oriented, personal service to artists and their management on the business aspects of their music allowing them more time for the creative process.

Featured bands on this compilation include: Witchburn, Windowpane, Strangely Alright, South Kitsap Infidels, SleepyPilot, Ravages of Time, Mechanism, Klover Jane, In the Between, Ian Jones, Dear Darkness, Boneshaker, Amanda Hardy, Amadon, A.K and Ariah Christine.

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