Increasing Awareness Against GMOs Prompts People to Grow More Heirloom Seeds and Plants, HAGA Says

Incline Village, NV, February 01, 2015 --( Gardening has been around for ages. Over the years, it has naturally become one of the most beloved hobbies worldwide—and it continues to attract even more enthusiasts each year. Heirloom vegetable gardening, in particular, has been catching the attention of many organic gardeners today. This form of gardening promotes the growing of heirloom seeds and plants for a healthier and more sustainable garden.

According to Home and Garden America, an organic seed company located in Nevada, the revival of heirloom seeds and plants can be attributed to the rising awareness against genetically-modified products, otherwise known as GMOs.

"There's certainly an increased awareness about GMOs these days. Several scientific studies have explored the health risks and disturbing side effects of consuming GMOs in the long run. These alarming reports are prompting people to be more cautious of what they eat. We've noticed that many consumers now prefer all-natural foods and are even willing to grow their own gardens if it means easier access to organic produce," said a representative for HAGA.

The search for better, healthier foods is the main reason for this renewed interest in heirloom gardening. Heirloom vegetables have non-GMO and non-hybrid characteristics—this means that they're not crossbred nor genetically altered in testing labs. They're 100% natural and safe to consume so there are no health risks and side effects to be worried about. Because of these benefits, heirloom varieties are now a popular choice among organic consumers.

"As you can see, growing heirloom seeds and plants is our ultimate weapon against GMOs. The more heirloom vegetables we plant, the more we're lessening the impact of GMO products on the market. So if you want to eat healthier and live better, growing heirloom produce is the best solution for sure," the HAGA representative concluded.

Further information is available on the company website.

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on various products, and his knowledge in the field of organic gardening is no exception. He spends his spare time growing heirloom seeds and plants at home.
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