HAGA Reveals the Best Benefits of Growing Heirloom Seeds Survival

Incline Village, NV, January 30, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Home and Garden America's CEO, Chuck Harmon, shared the remarkable benefits of choosing heirloom seeds survival for gardening. He revealed the details during a public event held earlier this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Many families seem to have a tough time reducing their household expenses, especially when it comes to their food budget. Everything's just way too expensive these days and it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the rising costs. Some people are even forced to buy unhealthy foods because they're much cheaper on the pocket. However, there's an easy way to cut down your food costs and enjoy healthier foods at the same time—and that is through planting heirloom seeds survival at home," said Harmon.

"Growing heirloom seeds survival will produce an unlimited garden of organic fruits and vegetables for your family. You won't have to buy new produce at the market because you'll have them right in your backyard all year long. Imagine how much you can save just by starting your own vegetable garden!" he added.

Heirloom seeds are also handy in times of emergencies. They can be used to grow a survival garden to guarantee a continuous supply of food. People can also save the seeds and sprout them in case no other food is available during a disaster.

Safety is another benefit that people can get from growing heirloom seeds. Commercial produce often contain traces of pesticide and other dangerous chemicals that can affect taste and texture. Heirloom seeds, on the other hand, are known for having all-natural features—making them absolutely safe to eat.

"Try eating a store-bought vegetable and compare it with an heirloom variety—the latter tastes so much better, right? This is because heirloom varieties are guaranteed fresh and organic. They don't go through risky genetic modifications to make them more resistant to pesticides. They don't need to be altered because they look and taste great just as they are," Harmon remarked.

Heirloom seeds survival are now enjoying more recognition as more consumers demand healthier, homegrown foods. Harmon predicts this gardening trend will only get stronger in the many years to come.

More information about this topic is available on the company website.

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on various products, and his expertise in the field of heirloom gardening is no exception. His favorite pastimes include growing his vegetable garden and storing heirloom seeds survival for emergencies.
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