Family Pest Control Emphasizes the Benefits of Early Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can be a nuisance to get rid of once they find a suitable home to breed and grow.

San Antonio, TX, February 03, 2015 --( Moreover, pets often play in areas that make them more susceptible to getting fleas and ticks which can be transferred to their owners if not handled properly through preventative methods of pest control. San Antonio-based Family Pest Control recommends that residents use flea and tick prevention services and stop the problem from escalating before it happens.

Fleas and ticks are known for spreading disease so to avoid infestation Family Pest Control uses insect growth regulators to prevent over-wintering eggs from developing. Insect growth regulators work by interrupting the insect molting process and thereby preventing them from growing new exoskeletons.

Using an insect growth regulator not only prevents pets from developing allergic reactions from fleas and ticks, but it also stops these pests from infesting bedding, furniture, and other places in the home. Moreover, it is much easier to avoid an infestation then it is to treat an existing one.

Pet owners who notice that their pets already have fleas or ticks should act immediately by cleaning any items around the home that may be salvageable and tossing out anything that isn’t. Next, it is necessary to call a pest control company to apply insect growth regulators and other sprays to eradicate any lingering pests.

Individuals who are interested in using insect growth regulators to prevent fleas and ticks can purchase 4 treatments for only $320 from Family Pest Control. San Antonio residents wanting to learn more can visit the Family Pest Control website at

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