Strangers Throughout Hollywood Come Together for One Homeless Man

A homeless man is in for a huge surprise.

Hollywood, CA, February 03, 2015 --( Homeless Man Gets Help from Hollywood Strangers.

Strangers Throughout Hollywood Come Together for One Homeless Man.

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On January 31, 2015 a video was uploaded showing a social experimentalist, Kenneth Duchamp convincing strangers throughout Hollywood that if he could amaze them with a magic trick they would have to donate $1 to a homeless man. However, the story doesn't end there. Along with donations from strangers he also asked each person to record a short word of inspiration for the homeless man that they were going to give the money to. The expression on the man's face was all that one could hope for with people he had never seen wishing him hope, better days and a lot of love. A touching story.

Another homeless gentleman nearby saw what was happening and came over to thank the youtube stars (Duchamp as well as Alexander Bok who was featured in the video as well) for what they were doing in support of his fellow man. The man in the last seconds of the video can be seen talking about his father and shedding a tear. He ends with saying "I love you so much" in reference to his father.

The student behind the video, Kenneth Duchamp (22) mentions, "It was a really fun video to shoot. Sure we could've just walked up a homeless guy and given him $20, but it's the fact that we were able to get tons of people throughout Hollywood to assist us in helping this one man, both on a financial and a sentimental aspect." He also adds in about the man at the end, "I'm not too sure if, Bahati was taking about losing his father by death or just losing touch with his father but either way it was nice to see him say such high things about the man who raised him."

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