Rocket Division Software Announces Over 1000 Customers for StarWind iSCSI Target Software

Tortola Island, Virgin Islands, November 15, 2007 --( Rocket Division Software announces over 1000 paying customers are using their iSCSI target software. StarWind, which runs on Microsoft Windows, allows any server (physical or virtual) to access centralized storage, providing a cost-effective and easy-to customize method for implementing centralized storage, gaining all the benefits of a storage area network (SAN).

"We were implementing VMware in our corporate data center, at the time we were using local storage on all our servers and did not have a SAN solution. In order to leverage the High Availability, Dynamic Resource Scheduling, and VMotion features of VMware we needed a shared storage medium such as a Fiber Channel or iSCSI SAN. StarWind was the most often referenced and favored iSCSI target mentioned in the VMware Technology Network (VMTN) forums," said Benjamin D. Craig, VP of Information Systems, River City Bank California. "We were so impressed with the performance and low cost of StarWind we decided to use StarWind in our primary and secondary data centers in both our B2B and Enterprise DMZ networks."

"StarWind allows us to cost effectively reproduce an expensive production SAN in our VMware testing lab, which saves us countless hours of manual effort. It was just too expensive to purchase additional hardware for testing so we were suffering with directly attached disks and some cumbersome storage management issues surrounding this limitation," said Neil Hickey, Network Analyst, IIMAK (International Imaging Materials, Inc.) "The speed of iSCSI storage and the simplicity to create new storage resources for our virtual machines is an indispensable component of our testing practices. We've only just scratched the surface of StarWind's capabilities; I'm particularly impressed with its seamless integration with VMware."

Customers requiring enhanced features such as snapshots, replication and additional storage capacity can choose between the Standard edition for $395, and the Professional edition for $995. With the addition of the free StarPort iSCSI initiator customers have a single point of support for both the server side storage SAN and the client side iSCSI agent.

A slimmed down version of StarWind is also available as a free download, providing up to 2TB of storage capacity, allowing customers to implement iSCSI storage in a small production environment before deciding on the best configuration for a more robust enterprise solution.

Business of all sizes can benefit from a simpler way to perform backups, disaster recovery and simplify storage management. StarWind and StarPort support industry standard servers and various Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Virtual tape library (VTL) support for StarWind is due Q1 2008. VTL feature will allow existing tape backup software to backup directly to disk (iSCSI storage).

About the StarWind iSCSI Target

The StarWind iSCSI Target allows customers to centralize storage assets, simplify storage management and deploy more robust backup and disaster recovery solutions at lower costs than previously available. StarWind is a full-featured software-only iSCSI.

Storage Area Networking (SAN) solution for the Microsoft Windows platform. StarWind is currently used by Fortune 500 companies, national defense organizations and educational institutions.

About Rocket Division Software

Rocket Division Software is a leading provider of high-performance technologies for the data storage, optical media and networking industry. Their "know how" and development expertise cover a wide range of existing and emerging storage, optical media and networking technologies, such as iSCSI storage, AoE (ATA-over Ethernet) and CD/DVD recording and mastering.

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