Tracktivity – When Racing is Life

Tracktivity, a dedicated, free mobile app for the racing community.

Houston, TX, February 05, 2015 --( If you are a motor racing enthusiast looking for that next fix of racing fumes and track dirt, then Tracktivity has what you are searching for. Recently released on iOS, Tracktivity is there to keep you informed on racing events not only locally but across the globe so you’ll never miss a racing event again.

Tracktivity, a free app for iOS devices, offers its users details on thousands of race tracks from major racing venues to local tracks and go-kart facilities; making it the ideal app for the racing community.

The app lets you discover and explore venues – offering you detailed information like tracks technical parameters (track type, surface, etc.), facility information (track hours, number of spectators, parking capacity, if RV parking is available, and even if there are rental garages, repair facilities and fuel available at the venue), and detailed event information that you can export right into your iOS device calendar. Track-side weather provides racing fans with a live, four day weather forecast. And let’s not forget about navigating to race tracks. Tracktivity allows you to navigate to any track with ease from within the app.

Share your experiences with other track enthusiasts. Join virtual track communities, post messages and photos to any race track, and participate in lively discussions with fellow fans and racers.

Make sure to stay in touch with your favorite tracks. Tracktivity Race Control provides you with direct communication right from the track. Here you receive important messages like track news, last minute event changes, event results, invitations, promotions and other offers the track may have. That’s why it’s important to follow your favorite tracks so you can always stay informed.

So get the Tracktivity app today, you may not know what you’re missing at the tracks without it.
Holly Sendy
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