Abaya Sales Continue to Grow in US Market

Abayas continue to be at the top of the sales category as the first quarter continues for SHUKR Islamic Clothing.

Miami, FL, February 07, 2015 --(PR.com)-- SHUKR Islamic Clothing, a leading producer of modest and Islamic clothing for Muslims in the West, recently unveiled a new collection to a very welcoming audience. Abayas (long, loose Islamic dresses) are at the top of the list of popular items, and US sales of abayas are expected to continue growing into 2015. As the spring season is approaching, SHUKR predicts Abayas and long dresses will continue to be US top sellers, along with Kufis (Islamic Hats), tunics, hijabs, and long skirts.

The growth in sales has not just been noticed at SHUKR. Competition for Islamic clothing, and Abayas specifically, has been cropping up all over the world. From Turkey to Dubai, the UK and even the US, Muslim consumers seem to be increasingly heavily invested in the Islamic clothing sector. Consumers are looking for new ways to express modesty now that the idea of hijab may be becoming somewhat normalized in many places in the US.

“SHUKR is inspired by the beauty of Islamic modesty, and we take pride in sharing that inspiration with our customers and the Muslim community around the world,” said Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner, SHUKR Islamic Clothing.

Over the years, SHUKR has attracted a loyal customer base of people searching for clothing that meets Islamic standards of dress and Western sensibilities, including long sleeve shirts, long skirts, and wide leg jeans—which are quite difficult to find in mainstream American clothing stores. Traditional pieces, such as long, loose fitting dresses are also available, and are proving to be popular among many western and international customers due to their versatility and modesty.

“We’re very proud to be an Islamic clothing provider, and it is our hope that our customers will be proud to be dressed Islamically as well,” said Sillwood. “It’s very important for Muslims in the West to feel comfortable in what they wear; it is our goal to help them to do so.”

Launched in 2001, SHUKR was the first company to provide contemporary, modest clothing that meets the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims living in the West. SHUKR is proud to be able to serve people of all religions who find that their faith encourages them to dress modestly, without having to sacrifice style and beauty.

SHUKR Islamic Clothing’s Collections can be viewed online at www.shukronline.com

Anas Sillwood, Managing Partner
SHUKR Islamic Clothing
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SHUKR Islamic Clothing
Anas Sillwood