Florida Author Stephen Whitfield Releases New Historical Adventure Novel – "Omari And The People"

Author, Stephen Whitfield is pleased to announce the release of his new historical adventure novel, "Omari And The People." Reviewers are already calling the story epic, enchanting, gripping, fantastic and exciting.

Orlando, FL, February 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- In a squalid ancient city on the edge of a desert (based on descriptions of the African Sahara’s Empty Quarter,) a weary, thrill-seeking thief named Omari sets his home on fire to start anew and cover his many crimes. When the entire city is unintentionally destroyed by the flames, the cornered thief tells the displaced people a lie about a better place to which only he can lead them, across the desert. With the help of an aged, mysterious woman who knows a better place actually does exist, they set out. The disparate people must come together to fight their way through bandits, storms, epidemics, and more. As a result of Omari's involvement with Saba, a fiercely independent woman who is out to break him in the pay of a merchant whom he has offended, his ability to lead - his very life - is jeopardized.

Recent Praise for Omari And The People:
"An extraordinarily entertaining read, Omari and the People documents author Stephen Whitfield as a truly gifted storyteller with an impressive ability to create memorable characters and then embed them into a complexly woven and engaging novel from beginning to end. Very highly recommended." - Midwest Book Review

"I just loved this book! The story of this people was so fascinating I had to drop everything else I was reading and concentrate only on this. Omari felt like a real person. As a matter of fact all the other characters) really evolve during the journey, as the challenges they face daily change them, for better or worse, as I think would only be natural in a situation such as theirs…..This book is highly recommended to anyone looking for an epic adventure, a tale of friendship, love and betrayals with a touch of magical realism." - Book For Thought

"Omari And The People" is available in print and ebook formats. Bookstores should contact Ingram/Lightning Source for orders/distribution.

Book Details:
Omari And The People
By Stephen Whitfield
Publisher: Shirley Castle Press
Published: October 2014
ISBN: 978-0964429031 (print)
ISBN: 978-0964429048 (ebook)
Pages: 365
Genre: Action/Adventure

About The Author:
Chicago-born Stephen Whitfield began writing as a Marine Corps print journalist. His writing has appeared in military publications, as well as the Kansas City Star and the Jersey Journal. He holds degrees from from Loyola University Chicago, Chicago Theological Seminary, and Indiana University. Stephen currently resides near Orlando, Florida.

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Stephen Whitfield