motionQR Launches from Stealth Mode

Palo Alto, CA, February 09, 2015 --( motionQR is an innovative new company, that provides a secure mobile digital delivery system. Based on 14 years' research and development, motionQR is pioneering the next generation of online and offline use of mobile devices.

Last year was very busy for motionQR. After bringing on a new CEO, acquiring funding, going through all of the stages of development, having use cases approved by various entities (such as a government ID issuing company, an electronic medical records company, and a pharmaceutical company), and rolling out a new website, motionQR is ready to be seen.

They asked Greg Brinton, motionQR’s CEO to comment on the new technology: “The way in which motionQR combines the issuing, creating, delivering, storing, presenting and authenticating of digital information all in a fully secure, closed-loop mobile platform is completely unique in the market. motionQR -secured information is created by the authorized issuer to be read and decrypted optically, in a completely offline environment only by the authorized receiver. It is this ever-increasing desire for security and a failsafe method of transmitting and receiving mobile information that has driven market interest in this technology.”

The potential applications of motionQR are endless. The system that motionQR uses maintains absolute security by transferring data optically, utilizing a changing or “moving QR Code, restricting access and decryption only to “receivers” authorized by the issuing party. Industries such as medical recordkeeping, mobile identification, ticketing, and e-commerce, just to name a few, could benefit from the additional security and convenience of motionQR Codes.

The motionQR framework is adaptable to virtually any company’s needs. If you’re interested in what motionQR can do for you, contact Greg Brinton, or visit the new motionQR website (

motionQR is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with resources around the globe.
Greg Brinton
650 268 8380