Experts in the UAE Warn Against Neglecting Paediatric Gynaecological Conditions

Gynaecological conditions start as early as infancy and in pre-school aged girls.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 11, 2015 --( Adolescent females in the UAE suffer from a range of gynaecological conditions. However, because girls' bodies are so different from women's bodies, the cause and treatment of these infections are also different. In the adolescent population, girls more commonly suffer some type of menstrual disorder, specifically dysmenorrhea (painful periods) or irregular menstruation.

Gynaecological infections can be seen in any age group even as early as infancy but tend to be greater in the pre-school to early school-age girls. Those with menstrual disorders tend to experience symptoms in the early teen years.

According to Dr Naglaa Rizk, Consultant, Gynaecologist, Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai, UAE, “The primary key to treating gynaecological infections is through prevention. Most infections are caused by common bacteria found on the hands and simple hygienic measure that will reduce the incidence of infection in young adolescents. However, since recurrent gynaecological infections may be a sign of early childhood diabetes, it should never be overlooked.”

Dr Rizk will be speaking about the importance of prevention against paediatric gynaecological conditions at the Obs-Gyne Exhibition and Congress organised by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions which will take place from the 29-31 March 2015 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

According to Dr Rizk, “Menstrual pain disorders are not easily prevented but must be clearly diagnosed; not all menstrual pain is considered "normal." Pain may be an early sign of endometriosis, which is a more serious disorder. Menstrual irregularity is usually completely normal in the early teen years, but may also be a sign of hormonal disturbance or may result from obesity.”

According to an article in the Middle East Society Fertility Journal , polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is also one of the common gynaecological conditions that appear in adolescent girls. It is important to address it at an early age to avoid further complications that may be worsened in adulthood.

The article also highlights that PCOS is usually associated with childhood obesity; it is likely that adolescent PCOS has the potential to develop in to adult PCOS; and subsequently in to long term health issues associated with metabolic conditions. Therefore it is essential to address the underlying conditions in adolescent females as soon as they are spotted.
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