Ecosmob Technologies Launches the Next Generation Products on Their FreeSWITCH Specific Website

Along with continuously presenting the next generation of products, Ecosmob Technologies introduces the new product section and product pages on FreeSWITCH's specific website. These products are for all the various applications ranging from conferencing to SMS broadcasting.

Ahmedabad, India, February 11, 2015 --( With an approach to provide the latest products and VoIP solutions, Ecosmob Technologies has released a separate segment for their product range. These products are showcased on whose features and applications are stated as under:

CosmoConf- Multi-Tenant Conferencing Solution
CosmoConf is an advanced software which is designed to serve the basic purpose of remote communication. It bridges the real-time distant communication. CosmoConf is a client centric product that enables users to exchange data, voice plus multimedia from even the remote places. It’s a multi-tenant solution which means one can provide the conferencing services to his multiple tenants. It can be used for audio, video as well as for web conferencing. CosmoConf is very efficient solution for seminars, trainings, presentations and meetings due to which it is used for several industries including healthcare and tourism industry.

CosmoBS- Voice & SMS Broadcasting Solution
CosmoBS is a multi-tenant software, developed for broadcasting the text and voice messages remotely. It stands for multiple robust features which makes it a perfect broadcasting software. Along with handling IVR scripts, it also renders the robust features including DNC, auto redial, easy user interface and security features. With the help of its Personalized Message feature, CosmoBS adds a personal touch to your communication.It is advisable to use CosmoBS instead of hiring the voice agents for your company as it would reduce the overall technical expenditure. It is proven to be a very cost-effective solution that can be used to a wide range of industry verticals.

CosmoSWITCH- Class 4 SoftSWITCH Solution
CosmoSWITCH, tested by the Telecom Italia, is a reliable, flexible, scalable and secure solution for wholesale VoIP carriers. It allows the secure VoIP traffic over the immense amount of IP networks throughout the world. The cost-saver Class 4 SoftSWITCH connects network management and monitoring tasks, hence it can easily accomplish the requirements of Telecom Industry. CosmoSWITCH renders the effective routing for local as well as for long distance.

CosmoPBX- Savior For Your Business
A multi-tenant CosmoPBX software is a phone system that allows you to flawlessly connect the multiple locations. It enables the users to conduct business from any place. The users can take calls from home, office and even while travelling through this virtual Private Branch Exchange solution. Hosted PBX and IP PBX softwares render call tracking feature to bill for both outbound and inbound calls. It can simplify the complexities of your employees, save the time for your business and lessen the communication cost.

Contact Center Solution- Boon to Establish The Loyal Client Relationships
Whether inbound, outbound or blended call centers, Contact Center Solution is beneficial for all to effectively handle the call management process. The system is designed for setting up the faithful and honest customer relationships by presenting them an amusing caller experience. The web-based Contact Center Solution satisfies all the communication needs and so, it can save a huge amount of time and money for your business. It fulfills all the latest changing business needs and boosts your company’s return on investment easily.

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All the above products are enriched with state-of-the-art features to cater the latest VoIP Solutions. With the focused approach and deep technical experience, the company has developed the VoIP Products considering the users’ ease. To know more about the products, visit
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