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WatchTime grows mobile traffic by 1000% and launches 24-hour social media newsdesk.

New York, NY, February 12, 2015 --( Almost 500,000 affluent watch collectors visit on their cell phones every month. And 90% of our 100,000 newsletter subscribers read our news mailings on their cell phones, too. This is the impressive result of our mobile-first strategy. Ever since we launched our new mobile website in 2012, the traffic has increased. By 100% in the first year, by 300% in the second year. And now, three years later, our mobile traffic is up more than 1000%, according to the latest Google research data. Along the way WatchTime has won a record-breaking array of awards and nominations for the rapid audience growth. Hardly any other luxury watch magazine, blog, forum or app will be able to match this success. Just ask them.

Today is one of the world’s largest luxury watch media platforms. Soon it will also be one of the most social media enhanced watch websites. In January we launched the world’s first social media newsdesk for luxury watches. This newsdesk allows us to offer a 24-hour social media user engagement with our 200,000+ fans; every day, around the world, on every social media channel that we target. Wherever the watch fans are, we will find them. There’s no escape from WatchTime’s collector outreach strategy.

In addition we are currently redesigning our mobile website based on proprietary technologies with adhesive advertising units, new social media features, blended content formats, and a luxurious layout. Why do we do all that? Because we are passionate about creating the best possible content for our readers. Above all the unified approach of mobile-first and social media centricity addresses one of the most complex set of problems that luxury watch brands face today:

– where do young collectors go to read about watches?

– what digital platforms cater to the ultra-affluent aficionados and experienced collectors?

– what digital advertising units and content marketing initiatives perform best across all platforms?

– what digital marketing mix is the most efficient to reach all watch collector demographics?

WatchTime has an answer for every single question. Just send us an e-mail:

About WatchTime

WatchTime is America’s #1 luxury watch magazine and one of the best-selling watch magazines worldwide. More than 600,000 aficionados read WatchTime’s products every month. WatchTime sells more magazines on U.S. newsstands, and has more social media fans, than all its North American watch-magazine competitors. WatchTime is the only watch magazine with dedicated digital editions for every major tablet platform. Inside Basel.Geneva, WatchTime’s annual luxury watch show, is America’s most popular event series for watch collectors. Its best-in-class journalism, digital products and live events have earned WatchTime several global awards and nominations. Based in New York City, WatchTime is a member of Germany’s Ebner Group, one of Europe’s largest family-owned special-interest media companies. Having operated continuously for 200 years, Ebner today publishes more than 80 magazines and 30 websites worldwide. WatchTime and its sister watch magazines are available in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.

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