Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Helping Barrie Residents Reduce Winter Car Insurance Costs

Trusted brokers for low cost insurance options, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers are now helping residents across Barrie consolidate their winter car insurance costs.

Woodbridge, Canada, February 12, 2015 --( The company’s expert advisors can guide clients on the latest options for their particular driving coverage needs. The company works with clients ranging from new to experienced drivers to help ensure comprehensive protection each time they step out on the winter roads.

The wintertime in Canada is an exciting time for all. It’s a season that has come to define the country. But many are still finding it difficult to obtain low cost insurance rates that will protect them when they take their vehicle on the road in the wintertime. Small collisions on icy roads can lead to large vehicle repair costs. And without coverage, this can lead to significant debts being accrued over time. This means that Canadians need access to an insurance broker who can offer affordable coverage during those tough winter drives across the region. Now, the expert brokers at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers are offering affordable wintertime car insurance rates to drivers across Barrie and around the region.

The team at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers has several years’ experience working with the most respected companies to create customized coverage solutions for their clients. Each client will be given access to a dedicated client manager, who will then work tirelessly to find a coverage solution that meets their driving requirements. Cornerstone Insurance Brokers specializes in finding affordable winter car insurance deals for Barrie drivers. They’ve recently introduced special service offers such as insurance packages that cover the client’s vehicle and home insurance, and low-rate deals for those with no claims and exceptional experience. This commitment to the needs of all Ontario drivers means Cornerstone Insurance Brokers is the trusted specialist for winter insurance services.

A qualified client manager is waiting to help connect drivers with the industry’s most affordable rates! To learn more on the company and their full suite of insurance service options, please contact their offices directly today at 1-888-768-8001 or visit their business website via
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Nikolai Williams