New eCommerce Platform Launched, Designed for Needs of Tactical Supplier

Northbrook, IL, February 14, 2015 --( Tactical uniform, footwear and gear retailers face a unique challenge in doing business online. They have to keep up to date with thousands of products. And, they have to potentially sell these products in different specifications to different customers and agencies.

UniformMarket, powered by Sellers Commerce, has introduced a new version of their technology platform that specifically tackles the public safety, tactical retailers’ online business requirements.

UniformMarket maintains a library of product catalogs from leading suppliers known to the industry. Brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Blauer, Elbeco, Horace Small, Blackhawk, Tru-Spec, Streamlight, Safariland, ASP and more. Plus, product data from leading distributors such as Kroll, Moteng, HWC and more.

Once a retailer has an online store through UniformMarket that retailer has access to products from any and all of the 160 plus suppliers and distributors they are authorized to sell. All these catalogs are kept current through UniformMarket’s Brand Syndication technology. Brand Syndication allows updates from supplier catalogs to be added to a retailer’s store running on the platform automatically and instantly, based on the business rules set by each participating retailer.

“Public safety retailers will find they can outfit their customers from headwear to footwear and everything in between, including shirts, pants, jackets, accessories, duty belts, badges, insignia and more,” says Ashok Reddy, President of UniformMarket and Sellers Commerce.

The technology is already integrated with the popular online interactive badge building programs from manufacturers Blackinton and Smith & Warren.

More and more law enforcement agencies, government purchasing agents and private companies are insisting that vendors provide online purchasing solutions. These requirements appear in their requests for proposals (RFPs) and public bids. This is a challenge for tactical retailers to respond to. UniformMarket, powered by Sellers Commerce, has created a solution to match these needs.

Tactical Preferred Groups allow a retailer to set up agencies and departments with private, password protected pages where shoppers will see only the specific products available for their company, agency or job. This tool is an excellent way to simplify and streamline the buying experience for almost every police, fire and ems department.

Some law enforcement, EMS and fire departments prefer to setup employees with annual allowances, which is a set amount of money they can spend for uniforms, footwear and gear over a specific time period. The UniformMarket platform currently assists dealers and distributors with outfitting almost three million employees a year using online solutions that include features such as employee allowances.

UniformMarket offers free live demos to show retailers how easy the new online store building tools are to use and customize to their needs. There is a sample website available at, and more information at

About UniformMarket, Powered by Sellers Commerce
UniformMarket, powered by Sellers Commerce, is the platform designed to help manufacturers and retailers work together. Manufacturers load their catalogs. Retailers build their stores. Manufacturers instantly track retailers activities. Retailers instantly update their stores. Everybody wins. The platform is also used by dealers and distributors to set up private stores for public safety departments to manage employee purchasing. For more information about UniformMarket visit, email or call 858-345-1212.
Rick Levine