Bliss-Box Presents the KS for Its Universal USB Adapter

Orlando, FL, February 17, 2015 --( Announcing the kick off date of the 4-play from, Bliss-Box. Bliss-Box, the makers of the universal USB adapter for retro controller has built a design in a mass production scale and is now available. The 4-Play Kickstarter launch is ready for March 2015. See details here:

Bliss-Box has produced a USB adapter solution for Windows, OSX, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, and even the PS3 that allows the use of any wired controller that is not USB. Bliss-Box has created a smart device that detects and adapts any controller to USB. It's 100% plug and play without the need for fooling with drivers.

The 4-Play eliminates the need in buying USB adapters for each console port. These USB adapters can be had cheaply but still add up the cost quickly. Some of these adapter required drivers and none of them map the buttons in the same way and have inconsistent issues. The 4-Play solves this problem by allowing the player to buy one adapter and a number of low cost cables for each controller port.

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Sean Green