HAGA Shares the Top 3 Organic Gardening Methods to Try This 2015

Incline Village, NV, February 19, 2015 --(PR.com)-- As a tribute to the 2015 growing season, Home and Garden America shared its highly-recommended organic gardening methods for this year. HAGA's top 3 choices involve vertical gardening, pallet gardening, and survival gardening using heirloom survival seeds.

The first organic gardening method that HAGA commends is gardening vertically. This special technique has been gaining a lot of attention since last year, but HAGA predicts it will become even more popular this year. Vertical gardening makes it possible to start an organic garden with the use of hanging baskets, shelves, tower gardens and wall planters. It truly is a smart and stylish solution especially for urban gardeners with limited space.

Number two on the list is pallet gardening. This is the perfect method for gardeners who want to save space, reduce costs, as well as add a rustic feel to their home. Using pallets is actually a great way to organize plants. The pallets serve as dividers for the vegetable crops so they can grow more evenly even in tight spaces.

Another benefit to pallet gardening is affordability. One can easily save money by using recycled pallets instead of purchasing new ones. Avoid pressure-treated wood though because they contain toxic chemicals that can destroy any garden. Once the right type of wood has been obtained, creating a pallet garden becomes super easy. Start by building a simple pallet planter, putting in some quality soil, adding organic compost and planting some organic seeds. These basic steps will provide any novice gardener with a pallet garden that they can be proud of!

HAGA's third and final recommendation is none other than survival gardening. This particular method makes use of heirloom survival seeds to grow a sustainable garden that a family can feed on in especially in times of crisis. Survival gardening can offer a continuous food supply and prepare any household for the long haul, that's why many gardeners have started their own survival gardens today.

More information about the best organic gardening methods can be found on HAGA's Facebook page.

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on various topics, and his expertise in the field of survival preparedness is no exception. He grows heirloom survival seeds to prepare for future disasters.
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