Relegen Announces Wider-Availability of New Enterprise Risk Intelligence Software Product – riskDNA

Relegen has officially announced the wider-availability of riskDNA, a new enterprise intelligence technology software product.

Sydney, Australia, February 19, 2015 --( Relegen, a leading supplier of people and technology to Defence and asset-intensive industries, has officially announced the wider-availability of riskDNA, a new software product which forms a part of its enterprise intelligence technology tool suite. riskDNA is the first enterprise risk management software to be built around the best-practice control-centred risk intelligence [C2RI] methodology. Whilst riskDNA is being officially announced to the market now, the software has been adopted and used by Orica Limited, the world leader in the manufacture of explosives and industrial chemicals to the mining, construction and infrastructure industries, for over 12 months.

With today’s organisations facing growing regulatory compliance, variability in market conditions, and the need to manage new risks, traditional risk tools and processes are no longer satisfactory. Conventional solutions such as risk registers and matrices do not provide the granularity necessary to make better, more informed decisions about risk. Furthermore, organisations need to move away from costly consultant-run programs and towards a model of self-sufficiency so they can lower risk program administration costs whilst improving corporate risk knowledge and gaining greater insights into their business.

riskDNA overcomes these challenges. It enables organisations to create a single point of truth for all of their risk data and gain a holistic view of all enterprise risk. It is a highly flexible tool which organisations can use to manage any business risk – safety, environmental, security, community, reputation, hazards and incidents, operational, even financial and strategic risks. In particular, riskDNA and the C2RI methodology enables organisations to easily capture data, model critical controls and correlate risk intelligence across the enterprise so they can better prioritise resources and address those issues that will return the best risk improvement.

Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Managing Director said “We are excited about making riskDNA available to a wider audience and the significant benefits it will deliver for our customers. Whilst our history of technology innovation is in the field of enterprise asset intelligence, there is a natural synergy between asset management and risk management. Both require enterprise-wide intelligence to make better business decisions. And, when organisations makes better decisions, they will be safer, more compliant, more productive, and more competitive. And this is where our offerings stand out.”

riskDNA software highlights include:

• One enterprise-wide risk intelligence database
• Purpose-built for use in risk assessment workshops
• Manage 'any business risk' – operational, environmental, OH&S, financial and more
• Follows best-practice C2RI methodology
• Bow-tie analysis
• Threats, consequences and controls
• Semi-quantitative [sQRA] + qualitative + adequacy risk assessments
• HAZOP studies
• Powerful graphical modelling of critical + enterprise-wide risk correlation
• Set-up standardised [generic] controls and actions for similar risks at different sites
• Flexible deployment and hosting options + offline mode for remote sites
• Integrate with assetDNA and other business information systems
• Supports ISO 31000

riskDNA can be deployed as a standalone tool or with Relegen’s assetDNA enterprise asset intelligence solution and integrated with corporate information systems. To learn more, and download a copy of the extended Orica Limited Case Study, visit
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