Diaspark ERP Jewelry Software Dramatically Streamlines Manufacturer Operations to Increase Sales

Find out what Roberto Coin, Rosy Blue and other high-profile industry names already know about Diaspark software: it helps improve productivity and profitability!

Edison, NJ, February 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Diaspark’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for jewelry makers operates on a cloud-based platform with 13 different portals—including Order Management for tracking in real time, a Production module for comprehensive supply reporting, and an Electronic Data Interchange that eliminates manual info entry—to manage the core functions of your business and increase efficiency and revenue.

Diaspark’s ERP software is thorough, permitting users to drill down deeply into data sets across multiple categories. In the Style Setup portal, each SKU has its own unique file complete with detailed bills of materials, costs and the ability to control every imaginable detail—from assigning specific vendors to each type of diamond used to defining casting units in GM or DWT—as well as style histories. A Diamond Inventory portal allows users online real-time access to lab certificates and Rapaport (or Blue Nile or the online diamond trading service of your choice) prices, while a Memo portal allows users to monitor these jewelry-specific transactions and all their fine details, including chargebacks.

Create unique job bags for each piece in the Workbag portal, tracking each easily though production in real time via bar codes, as well as a Return and Repair portal—a feature not available in some competing systems—that allows users to define customized policies and includes space to state reasons for returns. A Vendor portal functions as an easy-to-use tool for long-distance communication, allowing contractors and international employees to log in and address only the jobs that you allow them to view, providing unparalleled safety and peace of mind, while a Contractor module helps to manage all assigned jobs at a glance. Additionally, an Accounting portal permits speedy, real-time financial summaries with aged-merchandise reports and authorized personnel-only access, while a Customer portal facilitates 24/7 retailer communication, and a Shipping portal integrates with leading carriers for fast deliveries. Finally, an ERP system exists that is powerful enough to centralize all the styles, jobs, messages and accounting involved in running an international jewelry operation!

And because Diaspark has a dedicated jewelry team with more than two decades of industry experience—unlike other big-name firms selling inventory management software—there’s never a question about whether or not Diaspark understands the difference between carats and karats. The Diaspark team can also address any issues that arise through remote login to your system to see your exact issue in order to resolve it. Talk to an associate today about solutions for your business, comprehensive training and an upgrade to Diaspark from your old system.

See what existing users are already saying.

“As my company grew, we needed a more robust ERP. Diaspark understands our business, and gives us the ability to run accounting in a way that we can be flexible.” -Gautam Begani, vice president of KP Sanghvi in New York City, a user of the Diaspark ERP software

“We used to maintain separate accounting, inventory and production software but now Diaspark helps us to see everything in one software system, reducing our workload. Our back office in India uses it too, to help us do billing and other related work from overseas. If you are in the jewelry industry, this software provides a better value than any other on the market.” -Amit Shah, COO of Kiran Jewels in New York City, a user of the Diaspark ERP software

About Diaspark
Diaspark Inc. was founded in 1995 as a software provider specializing in business solutions across multiple industries, adding jewelry to its repertoire in 1996. A dedicated team of jewelry professionals with more than two decades of industry-specific experience addresses the needs of manufacturers and retailers from headquarters in Edison, N.J., and an office in Indore, India. With visibility at major industry shows and existing high-profile clients like Roberto Coin, Diaspark helps users manage production, orders, returns and more to save time and increase revenue while integrating seamlessly with accounting systems and diamond trading platforms. Diaspark offers exceptional after-sales support and a 100 percent money-back guarantee.
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