Marijuana Packaging Company, MMC Depot Supports the Growing Trend of Edibles in the Recreational and Medical Marijuana Industries with Child-Safe MMJ Containers

Denver, CO, February 20, 2015 --( According to a recent report by state government, “there is a slow but steady shift away from traditional methods of consuming marijuana – smoking it – to new delivery methods.” Supporting that trend, MMC Depot, a marijuana packaging company with experience in packaging that dates back to 1914, is offering packaging specific for edibles products.

Customers who are looking to purchase and consume edibles should first be advised that edibles have a different effect than other consumption methods. This means that they are slower to take effect and last much longer. Novice consumers should carefully read the labeling that is required on all edibles packaging prior to ingestion.

With solid edibles, it is also important to make sure not to use more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving size. Each single serving should be packaged in child proof packaging as approved by the state. Some products contain more than 10 serving (100 milligrams) so it is important for consumers to be able to read easily marked packaging. Just like with solid edibles, liquid edibles should also be stored in child resistant packaging with the serving clearly marked on the container.

Recently, more and more states are implementing new labeling regulations to ensure that edibles are visibly marked in a certain color and stamped with a universal symbol. MMC Depot’s products follow all new packaging and labeling requirements to help dispensaries remain in compliance with their state guidelines. To learn more about MMC Depot as a company or to view their entire line of child proof packaging products, visit their website at

About MMC Depot
In 1914, Central Bag & Burlap Co. started as a company that sold burlap sacks to farmers, grainers, and ranchers. One hundred years later, Central Bag & Burlap Co. has expanded its product line to include over 10,000 new items and a new division: MMC Depot, a marijuana packaging company. Unlike other packaging companies who have emerged as a result of marijuana legislation, MMC Depot is a packaging solutions and wholesale company with decades of experience in the packaging industry that specializes in selling child resistant packaging, such as exit packaging. Furthermore, MMC Depot has their own warehouse with ready-to-ship inventory, allowing for next-day delivery throughout all of Colorado and expedited delivery to any state in the US that fosters a marijuana industry.

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