Grant Becker Associates Consolidates Recent Successes with Forecast for a Huge Year in Pre-IPO Equities

Brussels, Belgium, February 20, 2015 --( Following on from the successful expansion of their institutional and retail client division, due in large part to their involvement in the hugely profitable Pre IPO, Alibaba, Grant Becker Associates CEO, Pascal De Becker said "We are creating a niche for ourselves through our team of dedicated and talented analysts, by targeting select companies and acquiring stock in these firms which are seeking to list on one of the major bourses.

"In 2014, the stand-out success story for us was Alibaba, as were involved with this right from the beginning, giving us a considerable head start in what was to become the most successful IPO in history.

"This year, the one that is really looking very exciting and should be a very successful launch is ‘Xiaomi’, the Chinese smart phone giant. This company is perhaps not very well known globally yet but it does show exponential growth, sales and profits. A year ago, not many people had heard of Alibaba, yet it is now one of the biggest companies in the world. Xiaomi is set to follow the same path.

"We are also in discussions to obtain Pre IPO stock in other upcoming listings. This strategy is proving to be key in our expansion and our clients are reaping the benefits of our expertise in this very profitable area."
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