Lady Lux® Luxury Swimwear Expands Distribution Through Caribbean Territory

Lady Lux® Luxury and Designer Swimwear makes moves to expand sales demographic throughout the Caribbean Territory, highlighting Eden Rock Hotel.

Newport Beach, CA, February 24, 2015 --( In recent weeks, Lady Lux® has begun to expand their international presence through the Caribbean, highlighting Eden Rock Hotel in St. Baths. Lady Lux® Luxury and Designer Swimwear was launched in 2007 by swim and beachwear designer Christina Hanna. Over the past eight years, the designing veteran has made extensive progress in expanding and promoting the self-made brand on a domestic and international scale. Reaching to four continents, including countries like Australia, Israel, The Netherlands, Dubai, and more, Hanna has continued to accomplish yearly profit goals and objectives. Besides reaching new worldwide distribution, Hanna's talent has allowed her to unite sexy, confident, young women through swimwear; designing bikinis, bandeaus, monokinis, and beachwear that appeals to all backgrounds of the globe.

Spreading through the Caribbean opens opportunities for new demographics and creates a new target market for Lady Lux®. Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barths emerged out of the 1950's and is now world renowned for their luxury accommodation that has serviced guests from celebrities to elite travelers. Being the first luxury hotel on the island gave them the ability to grow a loyal client list from the beginning of iconic Hollywood. Household names like Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, and family legacies including the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are of the first. Today, celebrities spotted on St. Barths range from musicians Paul McCartney and Bon Jovi to models Daria Werbowy and Kimora Lee Simmons. Aside from the lovely men vacationers, Lady Lux® focuses in on the confident, young women venturing to the French island. Expanding through the Caribbean will push the brand to elite travelers who will then reach new regions for the company the further their travels take them. With such elite clients, Eden Rock is determined to continue delivering high quality products to maintain existing and future customers. Making the decision to partner with Lady Lux® will do just that, deliver high quality products to benefit both Eden Rock and Lady Lux®.

As this partnership is just beginning, hopes are high that this will be a long-lasting, profitable deal. With the Lady Lux® 2015 collection being shown at Swim Collective in Huntington Beach last August, expansion has already been steady and successful, hinting that this deal will lean the same way. As the new line of 2016 is in development, designer Christina Hannah aims to bring her thriving company to new heights, with Eden Rock included.
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