is Here to Help Those in Ministry Stop the Burnout Epidemic

Offering a 10 day private retreat for those in ministry, all expenses paid, to experience rest and solitude in a quiet, safe environment in sunny Arizona.

Phoenix, AZ, February 22, 2015 --( is a campaign to help wipe out the epidemic levels of ministerial Burnout in the USA. We lose 1500 in ministry each day within this great country. We lose them because they lack support, and personal accountability. They work long hours without the ability to rest, and most often make less money than those sitting in the congregation.

People assume pastors have it all together and do not face real life problems, as if they are exempt. This is not the case, as any pastor will tell you. They face the same struggles we all do, and many times they face them more frequently because of their role.

They cry behind closed doors, they work into the night, longing for rest, but someone has called and is headed to the hospital, so out they go, grabbing their shoes on the way to the car, to go and sit with the family and pray while the loved one is getting medical care.

Their own needs are put on hold, because they need to be there to tend to the needs of those in the church. When they hit bottom, no one is there. When their child runs away, no one knows. When they have marital problems, no one sees. When they fight with addictions and thoughts of suicide, they do it behind closed doors. Longing for someone to care, and for someone to be there without judging, but just to love on them … but no one comes. will provide a refuge. A private haven of rest. A secluded place to go, where no one knows, no one sees and everyone there loves… without judgment. La Siesta is the place. An all expense paid package that includes round trip transportation to the Phoenix area location, accommodations in a private cabin for 10 days, including meals and entertainment.

The time has come to help. They need us all now.
They have given, and given … now it is time to give back.
Let us all do our part and break this cycle of burnout. We need them all, and we need them all to be rested and healthy, vibrant and full of life and passion, so they can do life with us.

They have a site setup at to read about the vision, the reason behind it and to see what can be done to help. Everyone is needed in a small or big way. We all have something we can give, even if it is a prayer or sharing a link on social media so others can learn of this vision … Let's all do what we can do today.
Rita Brenke
623 322 2849