Tactical Scientific Defense Offering Counter-Terrorism Advisory in the Fight Against ISIS

Tactical Scientific Defense has been consulting with regional governments due to the threat of ISIS. Tactical Scientific CEO, Juli Nichols, a former intelligence operations officer and the company's chief operations officer, Steve Neely have reached out to regional governments and friendly military powers.

Rome, Italy, February 27, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Tactical Scientific Defense has been consulting with regional governments in the Middle East due to the threat of ISIS. The company's strong point and main offering is intelligence services. CEO Juli Nichols says the company began talks with key players in the region about two months ago. Both company leaders have extensive experience in the region and say the threat of ISIS will metastasize exponentially as long as no ground force effectively confronts the terror group.

"The recent CENTCOM public announcement of a counter-offensive in April was a grave mistake," says COO Steve Neely. Steve states further "ISIS will have adjusted tactics, made preparations, and have hell waiting for any force arriving in Mosul, we are dealing with Jihad driven fighters not afraid to die en masse, furthermore ISIS will have already dealt other blows within Iraq by April, they won't halt their advance."

Other experts agree that an April offensive against ISIS will be too late in many ways. First, ISIS continues to assert itself within the swath of territory already under their control, they gain more recruits and financing by the day. ISIS goes virtually unchecked and tightens their grip in the territory. They still have much freedom of movement, despite NATO pin prick airstrikes.

Secondly, as ISIS "digs in" in Syria and Iraq they will continue to probe strategic targets in the Kurdistan region and in the vicinity of Baghdad, it's not hard for ISIS operatives to "blend in" and survey attack sites.

Third, ISIS will be deploying operatives to other portions of the ME and possibly into Europe. So far their behavior pattern has shown a very organized effort. Much of the world was shocked to learn ISIS had a presence in Libya, Tactical Scientific COO Steve Neely stated "Benghazi has been a launching point for Islamic fighters going to Iraq since the mid-2000's."

Traditional US and European ally, Jordan is on the front line, they are facing an unrelenting refugee situation, and worries of possible ISIS sleepers blending into those populations. It is no secret Jordan requested more assistance from the US and other allies. "Jordan is a natural target for ISIS because of their example in the region," stated CEO Juli Nichols. She went on to say, "The Obama Administration's failed foreign policy, lack of strategic focus, and failure to acknowledge the epic threat of ISIS to the world is shamefully obvious. Unfortunately this emboldens the enemy, and endangers regional allies along with the rest of the world. The more ISIS establishes itself unchecked in the region, the more their capability grows to launch attacks abroad."

Tactical Scientific Defense is appealing to other international partners, including friendly governments in order to bring more assistance to friendly partners on the ground in the region.

Tactical Scientific analysts have made an observation regarding Iran. COO Steve Neely stated, "There is the possibility that Iran and therefore by default leadership in Baghdad, are purposely waiting for two conditions to change. One, for conditions in Iraq to worsen, and for Iran's possible nuclear empowerment deal. If no one else takes action in Iraq, Iran would then have an excuse to deploy troops en masse into Iraq "openly", and deploy more Quds force into Syria to assist the Assad regime. ISIS would then have a force to reckon with but there would be consequences with a strong Iranian military presence. Millions of Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Jews, Yazidi's, and just about every other ethnic or religious minority would be living under a Shia crescent that extends from Tehran to the doorstep of Israel in the Golan Heights. Our recommendations- don't underestimate ISIS capabilities, support the Kurds, support Jordan, support Israel, contain Iran, and assemble a coalition to fight ISIS on the ground tomorrow."
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