Illinois State University Alumni's New Movie "Outfit" Explores Vintage Fashion and Causes of Dressing Lazily

B-Anne Productions is kicking off the year with exciting, inspirational films and plays lined up, including its newest film, “Outfit,” a homemade documentary about vintage fashion. “Outfit” premiered Friday, February 20th online via the movie’s website.

Chicago, IL, February 24, 2015 --( “Outfit Documentary” explores the possible causes of why many Americans dress somewhat sloppily, and how vintage or vintage-inspired apparel shows class and character. The documentary film is created by Zion, IL resident and graduate, Berylanne Lynch.

What began as a film project with crew members in 2013, Lynch decided to narrow it down to a home-based project inviting individuals throughout the nation to submit videos to share their perspective on how vintage trendy elements are making another appearance in today’s fashion, and to elaborate on the causes of many people’s lack of effort in their everyday appearance. The documentary also informs about the classic, trendy fashion elements of men’s and women’s fashion from the 1920’s until the 1990’s.

“I’m happy to have worked with an enthusiastic, well-informed cast on this issue,” says Lynch, “Wearing vintage or vintage inspired clothing shows confidence and it’s a unique way of expressing yourself. The cast was pleased to give their honest perspective about how people wear fashion today.”

The documentary features music artists, models, students, and fashion lovers. The sixty minute image-driven film also features plenty of classic vintage photos that reminds of us of the fashion from past time periods.

“I was inspired to create this documentary based on everyday interactions with people and observed the way they people have stylish and poor fashion choices such as sagging jeans and displaying too much skin. I was intrigued on how vintage-inspired clothing is popular today,” Lynch concludes.

Topics in the documentary include feminism and taking fashion for granted. Lynch plans on sharing the film at public screenings and national film festivals.

“Outfit” can be viewed online for free starting February 20th until March 20th via Learn more from the website or Facebook, Learn more about B-Anne Productions at
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