Adjunct Walkout Day 2015: Are All Adjuncts Treated Unfairly?

Adjunct teachers from across the nation will walk out of college and university classrooms on February 25, 2015.

Valparaiso, IN, February 25, 2015 --( In considering the “adjunct issue” it is important to remember that there are two distinct groups who teach as adjuncts: Professional Educators, those who view teaching as their primary career, and Expert Instructors, those who have primary professions other than teaching. These Expert Instructors teach for a variety of reasons including: giving back to their communities, having an encore career, adding to their own professional development and helping to educate the next generation of professionals in their fields.

There is a tremendous need for these adjuncts especially in Health Sciences, IT, Business, Engineering and many other fields. It is important when looking at the "adjunct issue" to recognize that some adjunct faculty are still exactly that: Adjunct – meaning that these teachers have a full-time positions in their fields and they teach.

Expert Instructors have always been an important part of a college education that combines theoretical and practical knowledge. Higher Education institutions continue to need Expert Instructors because these instructors provide links to the practical aspects of a student's field of study. These instructors help provide the knowledge and skills that students require to be marketable upon graduation.

At, adjunct professors, both Professional Educators and Expert Instructors, can post a free profile just by registering. Higher education institutions can search for all types of adjuncts by region, field or discipline, degree, degree-granting institution, availability, certifications, salary requirements and pedagogy.

To learn more, create a profile, or try a free basic trial search of the database, visit
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Kathy Gibson