New Science Fiction Trilogy Released by Author Matthew Kennedy – "Gamers and Gods"

Tampa, FL, February 26, 2015 --( Author, Matthew Kennedy is pleased to announce the release of his science fiction trilogy, Gamers and Gods. Gamers and Gods is a trilogy about a war between two pantheons for control of mankind. All three books were released in November 2014. The books are already being called uniquely creative by readers.

Book one, Gamers and Gods: AES (ISBN: 978-1503091627) covers the battle of Asklepios (Aes) against the Devourer of Millions (Am-heh).

In the second book, Gamers and Gods II: MACHAON (ISBN: 978-1503105379), the son of Asklepios continues his father's battle for the freedom of humans. He will face Sekhmet, the Destroyer of Rebellions. Her strength is legendary. But perhaps Atum has made a mistake in selecting her as his second champion.

In the last book, Gamers and Gods III: ALEXANOR (ISBN: 978-1503112629) Zeus has bet it all on this one, making the final round winner-take-all.

All three books are available in both print and ebook format.

About The Author:
Matthew Kennedy co-invented the hypercube loudspeaker (US patent 4,231,446 11/4/1980) on the way to earning his BS Physics in 1981. After physics graduate school he pursued a career of teaching and doing software development. His work in Active Server Pages has served Sylvan Learning Systems and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

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