East Africa Security. Tactical Scientific Defense Solidifies Specialized Security Companies Alliance.

Three specialized companies form an alliance to offer clients a robust security and project support option in East Africa.

Wilmington, NC, February 27, 2015 --(PR.com)-- The East Africa region has both economic promise and increased threats due to terror groups like Al Shabaab. Al Shabaab specifically remains a threat against regional governments, as well as local and international economic interests in the region. The discovery of massive energy resources in Kenya a few years ago has led to increased interest by international companies but also increased activity by Al Shabaab not to mention local criminal organizations.

Kenya doesn't stand alone in the region in regard to extensive energy resources. Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan are all seeking improved resource extraction and investment buy-ins from regional and international interests. But some issues have stood in the way of would-be investors and more project development in the region including violent criminal groups, regional armed conflict areas, and threats from groups like Al Shabaab.

Enter the newly formed East Africa Security & Project Support Alliance. Chief Operations Officer Steve Neely of Tactical Scientific Defense states "three specialized companies have solidified their alliance in providing security, intelligence, and project support services for the East Africa and Gulf of Aden regions."

The East Africa Security & Project Support Alliance or EA-SPS consists of Armaments Ltd. (Kenya), Tactical Scientific Defense (US & Europe) and C-Snake Defense LLC (US & Israel).

Neely states further "Tactical Scientific is the intelligence arm of this alliance, this dynamic gives all EA-SPS operations a threat intelligence driven aspect which assists in mitigating security risks. This approach, in this configuration, has never been done before in this region. We tap local source and open source information. We also have the ability to deploy air, maritime, and land based technology assets."

All three companies indicate their alliance is "just now becoming formal" says CEO Jared Emben-Caro of C-Snake Defense LLC, but have had a working cooperation on other projects. Jared stated further "C-Snake Defense deploys some of the best maritime security operators in the world along with technology solutions that caveat operational capabilities."

As indicated by COO Steve Neely of Tactical Scientific Defense, "The alliance is strategic due to active threats on land, and the ever present threat of piracy in the Gulf of Aden region. We can employ all of our combined capabilities in order to secure current client progress and planned future projects for development in the region."

With this alliance the companies bring specialized services to the table including intelligence services, protective VIP security, armed and unarmed guard services, maritime security services, legal assistance, inter-regional logistical support, training, and Kidnap & Ransom response services.

Armaments Ltd. the third partner in the alliance, is a regional provider of security services with ties to "some of the best legal service providers in the region," states CEO Memba. Memba states further "Armaments Ltd. brings not only security expertise to the alliance but also regional orientation, language skills, and legal assistance for projects through local ties." Through Armaments Ltd. based in Kenya, the alliance has local sourcing capabilities including logistical support, armored vehicles, personnel and legal firm connections.

Overall the alliance seems to have a broad-spectrum approach that addresses many of the issues that have deterred some international companies from investing more in not only the energy sector, but also coastal community real estate and other critical infrastructure projects like telecommunications and transportation projects.
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