Instart Logic Introduces Industry-First Machine Learning Technology to Accelerate Web Applications

Instart Logic debuts SmartSequence, a revolutionary new technology that dramatically improves web performance and customer experience by making intelligent delivery decisions through real-time learning. Instart Logic also introduced an offer which guarantees 20 percent faster performance or the service is free, to prospective customers.

Palo Alto, CA, February 28, 2015 --( Instart Logic, the Cloud Application Delivery Service for performance-obsessed organizations, today debuts SmartSequence, a revolutionary new technology that leverages machine learning to optimize how HTML and JavaScript code are loaded in browsers. The SmartSequence technology with new JavaScript Streaming and enhanced HTML Streaming features, dramatically improves web performance and customer experiences by making intelligent delivery decisions through real-time learning. In addition, today Instart Logic introduced an offer which guarantees 20 percent faster performance or the service is free, to prospective customers.

Designed to make web pages more dynamic and interactive, JavaScript has enjoyed great popularity in recent years supported by the increased processing power of modern devices. E-commerce, SaaS and media sites are building more sophisticated client-side functionality and leveraging popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery Angular, Backbone, Ember and more, to improve not only end-user experiences, but also time-to-market. As a result, according to http archive, the amount of JavaScript used by the top 100 websites has almost tripled in the last three years and the amount of HTML has almost doubled. Larger page sizes mean end users have to wait significantly longer for web pages to load. Instart Logic’s SmartSequence is the first technology on the market to make code load faster, speeding up websites by up to three times., a leading pet food subscription service, has deployed SmartSequence technology with both JavaScript Streaming and HTML Streaming features.

"Being an e-commerce company, delivering fast, compelling customer experiences is core to our business success," said Garroch Neil, director of project management at "Designing an interactive and dynamic website greatly increased our dependency on JavaScript and HTML, which in turn substantially impacted page load times. To date, with Instart Logic’s service, we have seen reductions in page load times of up to 60 percent. Now with SmartSequence technology, we are experiencing incremental load time improvements of about 15 percent. This is pretty phenomenal and no other vendor today offers this technology and its associated benefits."

SmartSequence leverages a unique cloud-client architecture designed for multi-cloud and multi-client environments. Its advanced machine learning technology accelerates JavaScript and HTML, enabling browsers to load only the code that’s needed which greatly reduces download size and speeds up performance. SmartSequence watches user behavior to instrument code and learn which code is most frequently used. For JavaScript Streaming, it downloads only what a web page or web application needs, while ignoring unused or dead code. For HTML Streaming, it determines which portions of dynamic HTML are common across all users and sends them in advance. SmartSequence can also learn which sections of the <HEAD> are dynamic versus static and patch in dynamic data as needed.

"With SmartSequence, we are taking a revolutionary approach to a critical web performance challenge that is created by dynamic HTML and heavy use of JavaScript," said Peter Blum, vice president of product management, Instart Logic. "Our team of computer scientists and algorithmic experts have developed new machine learning techniques that enable us to intelligently stream JavaScript and HTML code, greatly improving page load times and customer experience. This extends our performance advantage versus traditional content delivery networks and demonstrates the value of software-defined application delivery."

SmartSequence is part of Instart Logic's software-defined application delivery (SDAD) platform, which provides enhanced speed, security and scale that cannot be attained with traditional hardware-centric content delivery technologies. In fact, according to a recent ESG Lab report, Instart Logic delivers a 75 percent reduction in website load times on mobile devices as compared with legacy content delivery networks (CDNs).

Instart Logic’s Performance Suite with SmartSequence technology, JavaScript Streaming and HTML Streaming is available today with pricing starting at $5,000. For more details, read our blog posts on SmartSequence, JavaScript Streaming and HTML Streaming.

For information on the new customer offer, visit the Instart Logic website.
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