California Based Live Pressure Gas Main Diagnostic Provider Urging Companies to Inspect Before the Unexpected

San Diego, CA, February 28, 2015 --( As the United States infrastructure fails at an alarming rate, JD7, a North American pipe assessment company is stepping forward to urge utility companies to inspect for leaks and potential harmful breaches in systems before it’s too late.

Natural gas contains 20 times the energy of TNT, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. It’s invisible and odorless without the mercaptan that gas companies add to give it a rotten-egg smell.

This proves true with the recent explosion that disintegrated one house and left 15 injured in New Jersey Tuesday morning.

In this situation, investigators determined a 2-inch steel main distribution line buried underneath the street had cracked, causing the gas leak. While workers were originally searching for the source of the leak after receiving complaints of smell, the gas made its way along a water line from the street and into the basement of the home that eventually exploded.

According to U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), natural gas companies that supply homes, businesses and other customers must report to the federal government any incident with a distribution line involving death, injury, $50,000 or more in damage or a release of 3 million or more cubic feet of gas. Federal records show that 1,400 such incidents have occurred since 2004 killing 122, injuring nearly 500 and causing more than $774 million in damage.

JD7 offers advanced diagnostic asset management tools for live pressure insertions on gas and water mains, including internal pinpoint leak detection.

“Northern Gas Networks has had great success using the JD7 Investigator Gas system, which has found at least one leak in 77 percent of insertions. This high statistic proves that no pipeline operation can be ignored,” said Mark Ames, Regional Manager, JD7 USA.

One of the biggest problems contributing to these ruptures and leaks is quite simple; pipelines are aging. More than half of the nation's 2.5 million miles of pipelines are at least 50 years old.

“This is why it is so important for utilities and other providers to be proactive and inspect systems before another explosion occurs,” Ames added.

About JD7
JD7 is a Global technology provider focused on pipeline assessments and pipeline inspection solutions. JD7 provides condition assessment, leak inspection/detection and a large range of unique survey products. JD7 offers sales and or services with all their technology along with training on all no-dig technology. These solutions address problems to a sizeable market, including both water and gas utility companies across the globe. JD7 products can access and survey mains from as small as 2 inch to an unlimited size.
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