Your Agri Takes Its Mantra of "Farming. Made Easy." One Step Ahead with Soon to be Launched Mobile Application

Bangalore, India, March 03, 2015 --( YourAgri is a revolutionary new online marketplace for farming, gardening or farm related activities. It’s mobile app will help one buy, sell or rent any product or service by targeting their requests to a relevant local market. If one does not know where to start, they can ask YourAgri experts who can answer any question relating to a farm or garden.

“YourAgri comes in many languages, is easy to install, simple to use and practical to apply. All you need is a mobile phone with a basic data plan. YourAgri will provide you with useful information that will ensure good value for your time and money,” says Sriram Chitlur, Co-architect and Green entrepreneur, YourAgri

For the ask an expert feature they have roped in experts like Mr. Ayyappa Masagi, also famously known as Water Gandhi, who has also founded the Water literacy foundation and published many books on the same subject. Dr. H.S Anantha Padmanabha is an eminent Timber and plantation expert. Anantha has worked with the Australian government on many projects and also published books in the field. Mr. Ashok Jayanthi, a Horticulture, Floriculture, Hydroponics expert, having developed “Power Grow” techniques for high yield. These are just a few to list amongst the host of experts that will serve the agriculture community through this application.

The mobile app will currently be available on the google play store free to download. YourAgri is another step towards infusing technology into the farming ecosystem, lending it utility and connecting people across the industry. This application is targeted towards agri industry though leaders, commercial farmers, gardeners or people who practice gardening as a hobby.

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