Lightning Protection Training of At3w in Ecuador

The fire department of Quito gets a training in lightning protection from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas.

Paterna, Spain, March 04, 2015 --( The course covered all lightning protection technologies according to the standards.

More than fifty specialized engineers of Quito Fire Department attended the two day course organized by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. about the protection of structures according to the standards, using conventional protection (IEC62305, NFPA 780) or Early Streamer Emission air terminals (UNE 21186, NF C 17102), avoiding the use of non-standardized systems which offer no guarantee of protection. Other aspects of lightning protection were also discussed, always according to the standards, such as protection against transient and permanent overvoltages (IEC61643 and EN 50550 respectively) and preventive protection with storm detectors (EN50536).

The capital of Ecuador has more than 1,600,000 inhabitants and is located in an area at high altitude and with an elevate flash density. Engineers who attended this course are responsible for inspections of works to verify that facilities meet the requirements of electrical safety and fire, giving then licenses for use in new buildings. A correct lightning protection according to the standards minimize the risk of sparks, electric shocks and fires in the structures.

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