San Francisco Film Students Fundraising for Film on Irrational Fears, Agoraphobia and True Love

Indiegogo campaign looks at love under the unlikeliest of circumstances.

San Francisco, CA, March 04, 2015 --( Executive Producer Richard Pagan and Director Dominic Martin are researching a case of extreme agoraphobia. For those unaware of this common ailment, its a fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. Dom and Rich are exploring this irrational fear of the world in their new film "Duck & Cover."

"I don't know how I'd ever have a serious relationship purely online," says Pagan

"Duck & Cover" is about a guy named Barry, who after watching news reports of terrorists with Dirty Bombs and Chemical Weapons, becomes so paranoid that he will become a victim that he buys a Biohazard suit. He lives his life wearing the suit 24/7, hanging out with friends, running errands, even sleeping in it. Barry's also looking for love, and he soon meets a wonderful girl online. They hit it off, but when she wants to meet in person, Barry has to decide to either change for a chance at happiness and take off the suit, or be true to himself and hope for acceptance.

"He's having a hard time of it," says Martin, "Dating in the real world is hard enough, add in for an example a fear of germs and that blind date at a public restaurant turns into a nightmare for the person suffering. Personal connections are perceived as dangerous to Barry."

When asked about the genesis of the story, Pagan explains. "It's a non-traditional love story in all sense of the word. Barry is an alpha male, brought down by a crippling fear that brings his level of confidence down to zilch. We thought, how can we spin a traditional love story on its head when we have such a macho character? What would be his weakness? That's where the comedy comes into effect, he has to go against his natural male instinct and shelter himself away to the security of the online dating world in the safety of his own house. Only when he wears the suit does he gain a modicum of confidence to go outside."

"Personal connection's are perceived dangerous to Barry." - Martin

On production Martin goes into detail on his strategy. "I'm making this with some of the really good friends I've made at the Academy of Art University here in San Francisco over the last few years, and luckily enough, they're also the best at what they do." Executive Producer Pagan chimes in, "They really are some of the most talented and dedicated film students and working professionals in the Bay Area and we couldn't be more excited!"

In regards to raising funds Martin & Pagan reveal their reason for using Indiegogo. "Its a great international crowdfunding platform," says Martin, "Anyone the world over can contribute and in return allows us to actively engage our backers with updates," says Pagan. "We're live right now and hope our story engages and has people reading this interested in contributing or at least spreading the word. We also have some awesome rewards for contributors!"

"Duck & Cover" is now live at at the following link:

"I would really appreciate it if people would consider helping out. It'd also be really great if everyone could help me spread the word. The more people who know about it the better chance we have of making it." - Domic Martin, Director

Please be sure to stop by and check it out. The best part is, you don't even have to leave your house.
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