Userful Adds Versatile Artistic Layout Features to Innovative Video Wall Solution at Fraction of the Traditional Cost

Any angle rotation for individual displays allows for unique and creative digital display layouts

Calgary, Canada, March 04, 2015 --( Userful Corporation, a leader in network-connected digital display software, further extends their leadership in the video wall industry with the release of their new artistic layout module. This unique feature of the Userful Network Video Wall lets anyone arrange any mix of displays into a wide range of artistic configurations simply using a browser.

Available in the latest version 7.4 release, the artistic layout mode supports any angle rotation and any placement any individual displays within the video wall, even overlapping displays. Customers can also use any size and shape of commercial or consumer display. These two features combine to allow customers to set up eye-catching artistic video walls with stunning 4k video and up to 6k HTML5 content for a fraction of conventional video wall costs.

Prior to Userful, organizations looking to create captivating video wall layouts with a mix of display sizes at odd angles required extremely expensive solutions such as Planar Mosaic. Userful lets customers achieve artistic layouts with any display and achieve pixel-perfect alignment and bezel correction, as well as and color calibration through the intuitive browser based control center and for a much lower cost. Now anyone can easily deploy and manage a wide range of display designs across up to 25 screens, all powered by a single core i7 PC.

The Userful Network Video Wall is the first of its kind to deliver 4k content in real time over the network through a single PC. With these new artistic features, the Userful Network Video solution is the ideal, all-in-one solution.

“We’ve been looking forward to releasing this feature to the rapidly growing group of industry experts who are embracing our revolutionary network-based approach to video walls. Full artistic control is one of the most exciting aspects of the solution,” said Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful. “Until now, many AV and digital signage companies are forced to find different solutions for different types of video walls, one for a two by two, another for a five by five and another still for an artistic layout. With this release, we can now offer one solution able to meet the needs of just about any video wall configuration from small to large--a single solution with the same hardware and software across the board.”

To learn more about Userful Network Video Wall at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, NV from March 11-12th, please email Daniel Griffin at, or call 403-289-2177, option 1.

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