Adam Allen Berry Local Artist Shows Exhibit in Rochester, NY

Adam Allen Berry will be showing his "Landscape" artwork at the Create Art 4 Good Studio in the Hungerford building, 1115 East Main Street, Rochester, NY, building entrance #5-suite #201. The neighborhood of the art district in Rochester will be open March 6, 2015 from 6-9PM. This event will be in the Hungerford building located in the neighborhood of the arts district. Other artist work displayed will be from Susan Duffy.

Rochester, NY, March 04, 2015 --( Words from the artist's mouth of Adam Allen Berry, MFA:

"After earning my bachelor's degree I remember being terrified that I spent all that time and effort working towards a degree in Painting and Drawing, only to become one of those statistics that has a degree in Art but had given up on making it. This often happens sadly, as a result of everyday ordinary responsibilities, like making a living, raising a family, and putting up with a world that is unsupportive or worse, a general disinterest from others that can soil the desire in yourself. I had met many whom had, so for the coming year I decided to insist on not allowing that to happen to me. I painted everyday feverishly hoping to stave off the possibility that I would become an ex-painter. Well I did paint everyday that year, but once at some point during that year I realized how ridiculous my thoughts were and that this was who I was. That it was something in me that wasn't going to go away. I finally let go of that fear. Even Now, many years later, although I may not paint everyday I laugh about that fear I once experienced. Making Art is something that's always there, always present. I welcome the impulse continuously and in return I'm continuously feeding it with the joy it gives me. That is something that can never run dry.”

Having the privilege to meet Adam Allen Berry and having lengthy conversations about Art amazed his students. They have discovered, through Adam, a lot about art. Artists have various modes of expression, but mostly to love Art in a new way. Adam carries a moleskin notebook pad in his back pocket with a pencil, even paints. He keeps a tiny paintbrush in his wallet just in case the moment strikes. For a man who says he doesn't paint every day, it is believed he does. He paints with his mind. Everyday and every moment. He notices the pinkness in the clouds, the fog in the sky, trees in the forest, and the sunset in the horizon. He brings out his journal at all times of the day and draws what he sees at any given moment. Adam also draws in books, on napkins in restaurants, and when he looks out on the horizon is memorizing and depicting nature around him. Adam is unstoppable. Looking at his paintings always brings out an image that arouses anyone's imagination. Unlike other art, this art renders an emotion people never knew they had. It opens the heart of the viewer. Each person sees something different. Its stunning to see, amazing to watch, and fun to listen to his whys, and why nots. Adam has studied the history of great artists and now has an inner beauty to this love of art that he cannot control, depicted from his mind through the fingers. In some crazy way, its like the painting wants to talk to the viewer. Work like this is to be admired. Its like eating and breathing and communicating when words are not enough. Art, needs to be understood, and like music, fulfills the soul.

Adam is the art director and an illustrator for Whim Publishing. He has designed greeting cards for Randy Kazandy and Heart/Landscape art that is now being sold worldwide.

Adam Allen's Berry Gallery Show will be held at the Create Art 4 Good Studio, in Rochester, NY on March 6, from 6-9PM. Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses? author, Rhonda Fischer will be there to sign books. Whim Publishing and Create Art 4 Good Studio give a portion of all sales to charity.
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