Shop Club USA Draws in Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

Shop Club USA Network (SCUSA Network) and Fairy Fastener are proud to announce a new partnership to help Americans around the Country transform the way they fasten their bracelets through quality and easy to use jewelry fasteners.

Chicago, IL, March 07, 2015 --( SCUSA Network will work closely with the triplets Rhonda Francis (Fierce Fairy), Terri Dutka (Fix-it Fairy), and Lou Doornbos (Frolicking Fairy), who founded the company in 2012, to bring their innovative product to the American Market through direct response marketing and sales.

“We started with a goal to help businesses around the world sell more products and reach more people, and to have entrepreneurs from Shark Tank come to us for help is definitely a dream come true. As a Shark Tank fan myself, I know the expectations are high for these entrepreneurs and I know that our team is ready to tackle the challenge and meet their expectations,” said CEO of Shop Club USA Network, Abel Steven Perez.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the fairies made their first television appearance in 2013, on Dragon’s Den, a show similar to Shark Tank in Canada, with Mr. Wonderful and Robert Herjavec as investors. Although extremely popular in Canada, the fairies still need a little push to breakthrough the American market. SCUSA Network will therefore efficiently help the fairies overcome many obstacles of entering the US market by connecting the business to jewelry stores around the Country and featuring them in various new TV Shows hosted by Shop Club USA Network.

Although identical triplets, each fairy brings their unique quality to the business; Rhonda, the detailed-oriented fairy, ensures that everything follows according to plan and asks questions on a daily basis to make sure every detail of the business and plan is taken care of. Terri, the social fairy, uses her amazing communication skills to grow the business by nurturing new partnerships, just like the one with SCUSA Network, and finding the solution to every problem. Lou, the fun fairy, brings the party to the business with easygoing events and meetings. Just like their brother stipulates, “they have a third of a brain [each], and they make a complete brain [together]!”

As women, the fairies know how difficult it can be to attach a bracelet on your own, especially if you’re just leaving the gym or tanning booth. Which is why they designed the bracelet fasteners strategically to fit perfectly in one’s hand, making the fasteners arthritis and nerve damage-friendly.

Shop Club USA Network also owns several online shopping platforms, including the new EzDealio Marketplace. The Fairy Fastener has agreed to give exclusive discounts for EzDealio registered users. Shoppers would also be able to watch commercials and string-shopping segments on Shop Club USA Network is aggressively helping entrepreneurs, such as the Fairy Fastener founders, to launch their products with mass media through reality TV shows, online shopping channels, and direct response marketing campaigns.

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Sarah Anton