A.Vera Crowdfunding Campaign Achieves 60% of Target in 72 Hours

Scented leather wristwatch and aromatherapy product line, called A.Vera, offers a variety of luxury accessories infused in long lasting Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot and Eucalyptus essential oils. A.Vera is the brainchild of master watchmaker Ricky Tsang and creative director David Bychkov.

Alexandria, VA, March 07, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Ricky Tsang and David Bychkov, the creative team behind the A.Vera line of aromatherapeutic luxury wristwatches and accessories, announced today that their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has achieved a 60% funding goal within 72 hours. So far, backers have signed up for higher end perks, such as the Collector's Set which, at a $499 price tag, includes 3 timepieces, an assortment of 4 scented Italian calf leather straps and an A.Vera coffee table book. The Indiegogo for A.Vera will continue until April 15th.

David Bychkov, A.Vera Creative Director said, "Most Indiegogo campaigns that succeed do so because they achieve at least 30% of their funding target within the first few days of launch. We accomplished twice that, and as a result, I am confident that we will ship out perks to our backers on time and hit 100% funding by mid-April. The amount we're trying to raise is small, only $1000. Still, Indiegogo campaigns require backers to take risks, and I am grateful that we earned some positive attention and trust so far."

For more information on the A.Vera scented leather wristwatch crowdfunding campaign, please visit:
David Bychkov, Creative Director, A.Vera
(571) 354-7415