Bad News for Mobile Game Junkies: Hedgehog Down!, a Free Extremely Addictive Android Game is Out Now

Magic Star Apps, an Austrian mobile app development company has launched their new Android game Hedgehog Down!, which convinces with innovative controls in combination with eye-catching game graphics.

Graz, Austria, March 07, 2015 --( Hedgehog Down! from Magic Star Apps is a new delightfully fun and challenging Android game for kids of all ages.

In-game, players need to help their prickly animal to safely reach the bottom of the hill by rolling down the hillside; jumping over obstacles and traps while dodging dangerous animals and collecting bugs. Thereby the power and direction of a jump are controlled by one simple swiping motion on the screen, which enables a very precise handling of the character.

Players have to work their way through a number of missions and levels. Each mission invokes its own challenges which requires an adaption of the playing strategy and ensures the game is not easily put down. The different environments such as grassland, desert and volcano landscape with changing weather conditions are guaranteeing variety and lasting gaming fun.

In an additional Endless game mode, which features leaderboards via Google Play Games Services, friends are able to compete against each other on a global platform.

"We are really proud to announce our first Android Game,” says Magic Star Apps developer Martin. “We were trying to include random elements in the game, so each mission stays gripping and exciting even if you’re gonna play it more than once. Furthermore our goal was to create a game designed for young and old. In the end, we are very satisfied with the result and we think we nailed what we set out to do."

HedgehogDown! is a free download on Google Play and requires Android 2.3 and up.

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Magic Star Apps
Stermitz Martin