New Book on Alternative Religion Includes God, Ethics and Flying Saucers

“Religion WITHOUT God” by Rev. Enrich introduces new, alternative religion that has people and not God at its center. It is a religion that doesn’t divide but unites for important collective objectives. The book will arrive on all major book markets by the end of March 2015 as a paperback and eBook.

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2015 --( A book on new, alternative religion – “Religion WITHOUT God” by Rev. Enrich, the founder of Humanist Church – will be available on major book markets, soon.

“Religion WITHOUT God” introduces new, alternative religion that recognizes the existence of God but rejects the necessity to worship, focusing on ethics, people, natural environment and social contribution as individual legacy which ensures “immortality” in the “here and now”, instead.

In the book, Rev. Enrich, the Founder of Humanist Church in San Fernando Valley, (Los Angeles, California), presents a religion that doesn’t diminish the individual and doesn’t require the surrender of common sense. It emphasizes the value, power and importance of the individual.

The goal of “Religion WITHOUT God” is to assist individuals in leading optimal lives in harmony with their values, other people and natural environment.

This alternative religion doesn’t shy away from taboos and controversial topics. (On the way through an abbreviated history of religion and philosophy, it ventures into the unexplored territory of extra-terrestrial origins of humanity.) Yes, there are flying saucers, genetic engineering and Noah’s arc; there are world events and cultural phenomena reinterpreted, and more. In other words, this isn’t a book for the fainthearted, but a feast for thinking people.

For those tired of looking for God, “Religion WITHOUT God” by Rev. Enrich and its hypocrisy-free, alternative religion might be the answer.

“Religion WITHOUT God” by Rev. Enrich will be available on all major book markets by the end of March 2015 in paperback as well as eBook.
Sturm Enrich