Parents Capture Video Highlights of Their Kid’s Sporting Events After a Goal, Touchdown or Home Run is Made

Former footballer develops SportStar, a video app for parents to capture their kids’ athletic achievements. With SportStar, parents can save game highlights after the play is executed. Parents choose which dribbles, passes, and game-winning shots to record and share with family and friends.

Stavanger, Norway, March 08, 2015 --( Former footballer and now father, Stig Are Gilja, was motivated to create a video app designed specifically for parents. With SportStar, parents can capture, save, comment, and share videos. Explains Mr. Gilja, “I enjoy watching and re-watching my son’s best football moments. Now I can record his dribbles, kicks, and goals so we can view them together after the game.”

Unlike other video apps, the SportStar camera runs continuously. When a kid executes an athletic feat, parents simply tap the “capture” button. SportStar saves the play, ensuring game highlights are never missed! “With a regular camera, it’s challenging to time the action. You will never miss memorable moments with SportStar because the app saves the video after the play!” explains Mr. Gilja.

In the United States, over 53 million kids will play an organized sport this year. For parents and loved ones, all ages and skill-levels open up amazing video-taking opportunities. “I bet a lot of parents or even Ronaldo, Messi probably wishes there were more videos demonstrating their talent when they were kids. What if some of our SportStar parents are raising the next star?!”

SportStar is free to download and available on the App Store. It’s compatible with all iPhone models.

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About SportStar

SportStar is a mobile app based in Norway. CEO and Founder, Stig Are Gilja would have liked to share photos of his football days with his kids. Mr. Gilja has developed SportStar to ensure his kids – and other young athletes – have an opportunity to preserve their most memorable athletic moments for years to come via this easy-to-use app.

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