Charity Credit Cards Can Help Children in Need

Bristol, United Kingdom, November 18, 2007 --( Today is Children In Need, and while it is one of the nation’s biggest days of giving, there are still other ways of donating money throughout the year without even having to spend any extra, reminds Fair Investment Company.

Charity credit cards are a way of giving to charity without any extra expense because they donate a certain amount each time they are used, and there are a number of children’s charity credit cards to choose from.

Halifax has two children’s charity cards – Save the Children and the NSPCC which both have the same donation system; when the card is first used, Halifax will donate a minimum of £20, and then 0.25% of all purchases made using the card.

Co-op is behind The Children’s Society Card, and makes a donation of £5 for every account opened, a further £10 if the card is used within six months and then 25p for every £100 spent or transferred to the card. And if you have a Great Ormond Street Credit Card, MBNA will a contribution to the Great Ormond Street Hospital every time you use it.

As well as children’s charity cards, there are a wide range of cards that support other worthwhile causes such as the Comic Relief credit card provided through the Nationwide Building Society, Co-op’s Greenpeace and Amnesty International cards and the MBNA’s Breakthrough Breast Cancer, WWF and British Heart Foundation cards to name but a few.

Most charity cards work in the same way - they donate a specified amount when the first purchase is made, followed by a percentage of each subsequent purchase every time the card is used.

James Caldwell, director at Fair Investment Company, said: “If you want to support a charity, a charitable credit card will allow you to donate every time you make a purchase. Charity credit cards can also make a real statement; each time you use the card it is good publicity for the charity.”

“But whatever type of credit card you are thinking of going for, it is important to shop around to ensure you are getting one that is right for you.”

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