15 Years for First Time Buyers to Save a 15% Mortgage Deposit

Fairinvestment.co.uk research has found that it could take first time buyers 15 years to save the deposit for their first home. - September 27, 2008

Brits Borrow More Despite Tight Credit

• Fairinvestment.co.uk looks at the UK's lending habits during times of tight credit • Brits have seen a year on year rise in personal debt of 30% since August 2007, Fairinvestment.co.uk research has revealed • Survey shows that men are in 33% more personal debt than women - September 18, 2008

More Than Half of People Are Affected by 'Unfair' Bank Charges, Fairinvestment.co.uk Has Found

More than half of banking customers pay bank charges, research from FairInvestment.co.uk has revealed. Of those people asked, almost a quarter of current account customers have an agreed overdraft facility but still slip over it from time to time, incurring a charge from their bank. Nine per cent... - June 11, 2008

Brits Are Bargain Hunters When It Comes to Car Insurance, Fairinvestment.co.uk Has Found

New research from Fairinvestment.co.uk has found that price is everything for its users when it comes to shopping for car insurance (http://www.fairinvestment.co.uk/car_insurance.aspx). The research involved asking users what the most important aspect is when shopping for car insurance. Of those... - June 06, 2008

Fairinvestment.co.uk Supports National Ethical Investment Week

Fairinvestment.co.uk is getting behind the UK Social Investment Forum's first ever National Ethical Investment Week, a response to the soaring demand for green living and ethical investment opportunities. From May 18th to the 24th, UKSIF – a non-profit ethical investment membership body... - May 22, 2008

There May be Trouble Ahead: Many People Expect a Life of Pension Poverty in Retirement, Fairinvestment.co.uk Has Found

A large portion of people are expecting to find themselves below the poverty line when they retire, according to new research from Fairinvestment.co.uk. When asked what they expect from their retirement, 33 per cent of people said that they are looking forward to a comfortable living with an... - April 03, 2008

Stop Smoking, Save More Than Your Health Says FairInvestment.co.uk

The health risks caused by smoking have long been known, but there are also noticeable financial dangers, warns Fairinvestment.co.uk. At nearly £6.00 for a pack of twenty cigarettes, the average 20 a day smoker will spend over £2,000 a year on the detrimental habit. But this is not the... - March 13, 2008

Beat the Winter Blues with a New Year Holiday, But Don't Forget Your Travel Insurance, Says Fair Investment Company

A winter holiday on the sunny slopes could be the best way to kick-start the New Year and to recharge your batteries after a busy Christmas. And, if you don't fancy starting 2008 with any serious financial headaches, remember to include travel insurance when planning your getaway. According to... - February 01, 2008

New Year New You; Fair Investment Urges Consumers to Get Debt Free in 2008

Fair Investment Company is urging consumers to spring clean their finances for 2008 by checking the latest rates on credit cards, loans and energy bills in order to ease the pressure after the heavy seasonal spend. As the New Year kicks in, many consumers will be feeling the pinch after the... - February 01, 2008

Make 2008 a Green Year, Urges Fair Investment Company

For those with New Year's resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2008, it might be a good time to think about the health of the planet and what consumers can do to reduce their individual impact on the environment. Ethical and environmentally friendly financial products are getting... - January 17, 2008

'Child Trust Funds for Christmas Cash?' Asks Fair Investment Company

Many children will have been given money for Christmas this year on top of the countless toys, gadgets and clothes listed in their letters to Santa. Rather than seeing this cash squandered on more items to be tripped over around the house, Fair Investment Company (www.fairinvestment.co.uk) suggests... - January 11, 2008

Pet Insurance is for Life, Not Just for Christmas Reminds Fair Investment Company

For those who found a puppy or a kitten under the tree this Christmas, it is important to remember that pets are for life, not just for Christmas, and getting pet insurance could ensure that the new member of the family gets the care it needs, urges Fair Investment Company. David Doulton, director... - January 05, 2008

Fair Investment Supports Ofgem’s Proposed Green Energy Rating System

Selecting a green energy tariff could soon be much simpler thanks to a new ratings scheme proposed today by energy regulator Ofgem. If it goes ahead, the system, which is due to be implemented early next year, will be similar to the A to F classification used to measure the energy ratings of... - November 23, 2007

Go Green and Cut Your Bills in National Maintenance Week, Says Fair Investment Company

As the nation prepares to clean out their gutters and draught proof their windows for National Maintenance Week, Fair Investment Company is advising homeowners to make the most of the green energy providers on the market to help reduce their carbon footprint and save money at the same time. This... - November 23, 2007

Homeowners Urged to Check Building Insurance Policies During National Maintenance Week

Fairinvestment.co.uk is advising homeowners to inform their insurance providers before they undertake any major renovation work as their cover may be invalid if they fail to report changes to their homes. As National Maintenance Week kicks off today, thousands of home owners are being encouraged... - November 18, 2007

Charity Credit Cards Can Help Children in Need

Today is Children In Need, and while it is one of the nation’s biggest days of giving, there are still other ways of donating money throughout the year without even having to spend any extra, reminds Fair Investment Company. Charity credit cards are a way of giving to charity without any... - November 18, 2007

Sparks Will Fly on Bonfire Night Without Home Insurance and Safety Awareness

Bonfire Night is a much-anticipated event, but things can quickly go awry if the public does not take precautions or protect themselves from the potential financial damage with an adequate home insurance policy, financial comparison site Fair Investment Company has warned. There is a whole host of... - November 03, 2007

First Time Buyers Are Fighting Back Says Fair Investment

First time buyers have not been put off by the recent dip in the property market and are still hoping to cinch a good mortgage deal, according to research from fairinvestment.co.uk. Following news this week that Britain’s first time buyers may soon be a thing of the past, it seems that those... - November 03, 2007

Fair Investment: Banking Customers Should Go Online to Combat Effects of Postal Strikes

As the country prepares for the latest round of postal strike misery – an unofficial strike by some workers - Fairinvestment.co.uk advises bank account holders to take advantage of online banking to keep abreast of their finances as bills, invoices; bank and credit card statements go... - October 31, 2007

Fair Investment Launches Free Guide to Identity Theft in National Identity Fraud Awareness Week

This week (October 8-12) marks National Identity Fraud Awareness Week, and independent online financial website, fairinvestment.co.uk, has launched a free online guide (http://www.fairinvestment.co.uk/guide_to_identity_fraud.aspx) about identity theft - how to prevent it and what to do if you... - October 14, 2007

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