Green Alternative Systems Announces More Fueling Stations Across the United States

Green Alternative Systems (GAS) has announced that more fueling stations are popping across the United States that is making fleet conversion to propane well worth the investment for fleet based businesses.

Elkhart, IN, March 11, 2015 --( North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are a few of the states that are launching new aid programs and incentives to encourage adoption. This includes a combined 4 million in North Dakota for more fueling stations and rebate programs for businesses.

Fleet conversion to propane or compressed natural gas or propane reduces fueling costs by 15-50% per equivalent to the gallon of gasoline while propane is 30-40% less expensive. For large fleet-based companies these savings contribute to massive numbers per year. A CNG or propane conversion also increases safety while reducing maintenance and repair fees. Currently, there are a number of government programs that encourage CNG conversions by providing rebates after companies have had conversion kits installed in their vehicles. Globally, more compressed natural gas fueling stations are being provided for individuals and businesses, making the switch easier and more convenient than ever before.

GAS also provides a wide variety of maintenance and pre-delivery services in addition to fleet conversion to propane. With locations across the country and in close proximity to many major manufacturers, their certified technicians can handle the demands of any job. Green Alternative Systems is known for their comprehensive and long lasting 4-year warranties, their complete installation and inspection services and technicians that are highly skilled and certified, receiving periodic, regular training.

Green Alternative Systems provides the highest quality conversion kits that are currently available in the industry, which have been tested by leading bodies such as the Altoona Bus Test. Gas offers one of the longest standing warranties in the industry to guarantee a safe alternative fueling option that works at its optimal capacity for years.

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