Multicultural Youth Creating Power in STEM Industries

Multicultural youth creating next generation of leaders leveraging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts & Math) industries. Dramatic increases in diversity planned for Fortune 500, Tech 500 and global corporations.

Berkeley, CA, March 11, 2015 --( Multicultural Youth Creating Power and Change in STEM Industries

Global Access Group is launching the first comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) platform to create a pipeline of qualified African American, Latino, Asian youth, women and men to take global leadership positions. In California, multicultural groups comprise the majority of the state’s population. By 2040 the rest of the nation will mirror California’s changing demographics. While jobs in STEM industries are growing twice as fast all other jobs, only 7% are held by Latinos, 8% by African Americans, 12% by Women and 15% by Asians.

“Fortune 500, Tech 500 and global corporations must understand that they need to hire diverse employees if they are to remain competitive. We need a new system to educate, train and mentor this new generation of multicultural global leaders to meet this demand,” says Mable F. Yee, CEO & Founder of Global Access Group.

Global Access Group knows that STEM education must start at an early age and established a strategic partnership with the Berkeley Unified School District to launch their programs. “I am excited about Global Access Group’s new STEM education and leadership platform launching here in Berkeley. I have committed to this program and plan to roll it out to other schools in the district,” said Dr. Donald Evans, Superintendent of the Berkeley Unified School District.

Global Access Group has broad appeal and trusted relationships in traditionally under served populations who lack access to these kinds of opportunities. "Children In Bayview Hunters Point don’t have the opportunity to immerse themselves in STEM related activities that will reveal their ability to be the engineers and scientists of tomorrow," said "Brotha Clint" Sockwell II, Program Manager, SIMBA/Lion Kings, a program of the Bayview Association for Youth. While they wish to enter 30 kids, they need assistance to raise funds enabling their participation in the STEM Robot challenge.

Global Access will be partnering with industry technology leaders in robotics, nanotechnology, biotech, bioinformatics, healthcare, web security, mobile apps, consumer wearable technology, IOT and other fast growing STEM industries. “Robotics is one of the fastest growing segments in education today as it accelerates youth into the STEM movement. At Pitsco Education we are excited to partner with Global Access Group on a new TETRIX® PRIME robotics competition that challenges youth to creatively problem solve within a real world context,” said Lisa Paterni, President of Pitsco Education.

Global Access is launching their STEM program offering Robotics, Fighting Obesity and Global Climate Change team competitions for all 5th-9th grade students. They are selecting technology leaders to sponsor their STEM challenges, provide scholarships and partner with community organizations to encourage under represented youth to participate.

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Global Access Group is a consortium of companies providing innovative education, internship, career and leadership programs focused on STEM industries creating the next generation of multicultural global leaders. Global Access Group is headquartered in Berkeley, California.


Mable Yee
CEO & President
Global Access Group
Mable Yee