Hooligans Attack Epilepsy Patients During Epilepsy Awareness Month

Hooligans attack epilepsy support forum in an attempt to induce seizures amongst the members.

Houston, TX, November 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Internet hooligans launched a malicious attack on Coping With Epilepsy (CWE), an internet web site that serves as a peer support network for people with epilepsy, last Saturday. The perpetrators flooded CWE with hateful messages, images of hardcore porn and, worst of all, animated images with rapidly flashing colors in an attempt to induce seizures in the photosensitive members (and guests) of the site.

The attack lasted several hours as CWE moderators, many of them photosensitive themselves, battled to remove the offensive content as fast as it was being posted. The attack ended when CWE administrators arrived and locked down the site.

"I was able to trace back the source of the attack to a handful of sites where the perpetrators were instigating the event," said Bernard Ertl, CWE Administrator. "It was just a bunch of very immature people delighting in their attempts to cause people misery. Attacking sites is just a way to pass time for them. Unfortunately, this time they tried to hurt people. Seizures are not a laughing matter. A member of CWE passed away just two weeks ago from a seizure. SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy) is a very real and serious concern."

"Since the attack, CWE has implemented modifications to discourage future attempts at malfeasance," remarked Ertl. "This was the first time CWE has been targeted in this manner. I guess in a way it's a testament to the growing popularity of the site. We're working to ensure that there will never be a repeat performance."

Ironically, the attack occurred during November, which is National Epilepsy Awareness Month.

About CWE
Coping With Epilepsy is a peer support forum for people living with epilepsy. It boasts a world-wide membership including medical professionals.

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