Midwest Design Duo Blurs Line Between Art and Design with Limited Edition Artist Book

Chicago, IL, November 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Synthetic Infatuation, a Midwest design studio, have curated a limited edition artist book. Morning Issue One features the works of five American commercial artists, Keith Claunch (Chicago), Billy Bartels (Seattle), Amy Rabas (Tieton,WA), Mark Peterson (Chicago) and Aravind Kaimal (Chicago via India). Morning is an 86 page artist book that includes eight screen printed pages as well as a screen printed cover and package. All printing and production was done by hand in their studio basement in Chicago. The book is limited to 100 copies. Morning was created as a platform to showcase emerging commercial artists giving the artists an opportunity to create something for other artists and art lovers, instead of traditional advertisers.

“I don’t consider myself an artist — I’m a photographer.” says featured artist, Keith Claunch.

The book is packed with inspiring illustrations, photographs and screen prints. Artists were given a number of restrictions to follow in creating their pages for the book. Issue One has been deemed “Look what you made me do”. Issue One comes packaged in a black poly bag with an illustration by Synthetic’s Ryan Dorshorst printed in a gunmetal metallic ink. Morning’s cover shows an infant being forced to drink booze with the help of a mother’s guiding hand. The cover was created by Lucas Buick of Synthetic Chicago.

"Morning attempts to redefine the zine format," says Dorshorst, "We took the idea of assimilating artworks from different sources and self-publishing, and blended it with refined limited edition screen printing and careful hand assembly. I think the end result is a product that really speaks about other artists in a medium appropriate for its content. Go buy one now."

“We want to blur the line between what is considered design versus art. Our goal is to extend the gray area and in doing so give designers, photographers, animators, etc. the chance to express their opinion instead of the opinion of the client.” says Buick.

Synthetic is starting to think about Issue Two, which will come out next summer. A call for entries will go out in early 2008. The next group of featured artists will also be selected at that time. Those that wish to be considered as a featured artist should send their link or samples via email to love@synth.tc

Synthetic is taking the book on a nationwide tour and bringing a traveling canvas with them. The first event took place in Chicago on November 2 where guests were invited to contribute drawings to a twelve foot canvas. Guests were asked to draw a story about love or hate. Additional events are being planned for New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

“Hanging a canvas and giving people paint pens was a [expletive deleted] brilliant idea,” explains event guest and designer, Jake Grill.

The project’s website, http://morning.synth.tc has been updated with event videos, photos, and info on each of the artists involved with the current issue.

Currently the book is only available through the website and at events.

Synthetic Infatuation is a small indie design factory of two that is in the business of producing inspiring work for their inspired clients. They are hairy-chested creative machines that will not let off the gas until the job is done, and all parties involved are satisfied (usually on multiple occasions). Founded in late 2006 and based out of Chicago and Minneapolis, Synthetic works on a variety of projects and in many mediums, both digital and physical.

If you’d like more information about Morning or Synthetic Infatuation, or to schedule an interview, please call Lucas Buick at (312) 203-6267 or email at lucas@synth.tc

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